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Your Magnetic Heart

Written By MargKinneen

On November 22, 2015

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You’re protected by a field of light that’s generated within your heart.


How is this so?

Because the universe is like a set of Russian dolls… microcosms within macrocosms…
the workings of the macro echoing the workings of the micro.

This phenomenon occurs throughout nature.

Mother earth is the macrocosm within which you are nested, and science tells us that…

Earth is protected by a magnetic field that’s generated within her core.

Here’s the analogy…

You are the mini-me Earth, and your magnetic field is a field of light, which you create from within your own heart…the core of every cell.

Close your eyes and feel the light within each and every cell of your body…feel it’s magnetic power…that’s your power. And the more you call on it, the more your body is protected.


Absolutely. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to explain exactly how this works within your body… I’ll be revealing the secrets within words that bring crystal clarity to this powerful understanding… so you can increase your magnetic allure… and become the most attractive version of yourself. You won’t be able to stop saying…

“I’m so attractive!”

…as loving people and experiences are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

This week I’ll begin with the word Magnetic, for it holds some delightful surprises and invites you into a whole new world of possibilities…


“You’re limited only by your imagination.”

Evolution discards limitation as it leaps from generation to generation.

Evolution is stretching the imagination of humanity…and therefore increasing its magnetic field of protection.

Let’s see how.


What you IMAGINE is what you MAGNETISE…that which you attract…as the above quote indicates. Therefore…


Your imagination is magnetic!

Just as the earth’s magnetic field is generated at its core, your magnetic field is generated at the core of your every cell…your cell nuclei. Accordingly, the field of your imagination is generated in your cell nuclei.

At the heart of every cell in your body is your IMAGINATION.

This is Mother Nature’s heart of creation/creativity that dearly wishes to wrap you in a soft blanket of loving energy…a radiant field of protection.

But how is it possible that loving energy is protective?

Love rides the high vibes.

Your loving beliefs send radiant energy from your cells, attracting only life experiences that match your vibrations. Love attracts love. As such, you’re protected by an invisible force-field of light that cannot be penetrated by the lower vibes of fear.

Fear rides the low vibes.

Your fearful beliefs send out dense radiant energy that obediently attracts limiting life experiences that match your limiting vibrations. Your defences are up…but your light of protection is down.

Imagine love… and you attract love.

Imagine fear… and you attract fear.

Your IMAGINATION is very powerful…very MAGNETIC.

Be choosy about what you put in there…for it’s like the proverbial genie, granting your every wish!

If you wish to protect yourself from the lower vibes of fearful life experiences and invite only love into your life, then power up your imagination and fill your cells with radiant visions of your dreams as if they’ve already come true…feel your cells sparkling with joy. Hold a higher, more loving, vision for yourself, knowing that by simply believing in it, you nurture it into existence.


Your IMAGINATION is your MAGNETISM, which is your motherly heart of CREATION. Whatever you imagine…you create. Stretch your imagination, and nurture your dreams as a mother nurtures a child.

* Here’s another interesting aspect to the word MAGNETISM, which affects you on a physiological level.

As you know, your imagination contains all your VISIONS, so…


Science tells you that your ‘field of vision’ is the area you’re able to see when you look through your eyes.

Quite literally, as the saying indicates, ‘what you believe is what you see. The beliefs you hold for yourself in your IMAGINATION, will be MAGNETISED to you, and will appear in your FIELD of VISION.

The beliefs you hold in the heart of your cells, your cell nuclei, literally create your field of vision. What you hold in your cytes (cells) is what you hold in your sights!

Your cellular VISION creates your optical VISION…your reality.

Therefore, your IMAGINATION creates your REALITY.

Evolution is stretching the imagination into an increasingly loving reality as it progressively dissolves all limitation within your cellular hearts…your magnetic core of beliefs.

As you open your heart and entertain sparkling visions for yourself and your world, you shine your light, and strengthen your magnetic field of protection. By adding your loving energy to the collective field of light, Earth’s magnetic field of loving protection is also magnified.

You are constantly adding to the BIG PICTURE of evolution. How wonderful is that?

Become a Sparkling Love Magnet!


  1. Kari

    This is a very beautiful way of living & being, & also to bring one closer to Mother Earth.

    • MargKinneen

      Yes Kari, We’re here to discover our own inner beauty…the nurturing mother within…and when we do, we’ll have returned to the heart of Mother Earth.

  2. Lisa

    so beautiful!

    • MargKinneen

      Thanks Lisa.


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