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Celestial Revelation

Written By MargKinneen

On September 18, 2017

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A fresh perspective!

…through a big picture lens. 

Interest in the forthcoming celestial alignment on September 23rd 2017 centres around this biblical passage from Revelation.

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 

And she being with child, cried trevailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

(Revelations 12: 1-2 King James Version)

Whats out there (in the environment) is a reflection of what’s within. So, in looking at the deeper meaning of the celestial alignment in relation to the Revelations prophecy, I see…EVOLUTION.

[masculine = fire, sun, leo]

Evolution is leading Mother Nature, the feminine, through a cyclical process of purification, in which she’s discarding veil after veil of illusive dis-ease, and returning home to her pure, radiant design…youth.

Masculine = mask -al -ine = pertaining to the mask = the illusion

Both masculine and feminine energies are resident within each and every human unit…male and female alike. So with the progressive evolution of belief and behaviour patterns, we’re all cradling increased vibes of love and kindness within our cells, thus refining their precious cargo. The nurturing feminine is cuddling and dissolving the fearful masculine. The mask of fear is being lifted in a revelation of love.

In light of this, let’s decypher the Revelation, or Dream Come True, of the fairytale called Evolution that’s written in the stars.

“A woman clothed with the sun…” is simply the feminine wearing her masculine disguise…the pure, loving feminine nature is hidden behind the fearful masculine fabric. In other words, our cells (our matter/matre/mother nature) are filled with the programmed illusion of lower vibes…courtesy of the heavy cargo of our ancesters baggage, called DNA. The family traditions that keep us religiously repeating familiar patterns in obedience to the past.

It’s DNA, the proverbial phoenix, that’s being refined from generation to generation, bringing greater integrity of structure to our body tissue, and a smile to mother nature.

“…and the moon under her feet…” represents the downtrodden feminine who, through the passing of time, is finding liberation. Love is ascending within our cells…and slowing down the aging process, as evidenced by increased longevity throughout evolution. The feminine moon, as the star that measures time, is analogous to our matter that measures age. The end of time, therefore, refers to the end of aging.

Being in Virgo, speaks of virginity…purity….alluding to the pure ovum, or original cell, into which the seed of time (DNA) is planted. She’s the mother of all cells!…both in size and function…for she’s the largest cell from which all our cells are birthed. And she has the property of eternal youth, to which her evolutionary pilgrimage is returning us. This pure physiological mother is indicative of the biblical Mother Mary, carrying the pure light of youth.

“And upon her head a crown of twelve stars:…”    Continuing the theme, the crown of Mother Mary, queen of heaven, finds its counterpart in the Corona Radiata of the pure ovum, which the sperm must pierce in order to deposit it’s ancestral baggage. (The evil villain impregnating the castle walls of the beautiful princess.)

Corona Radiata = Radiant Crown

When pierced, it’s radiance diminishes. The fullness of light that adorns the pure ovum is now veiled by the lower light vibrations of humanity, as the light of youth is replaced by a mortal child, destined to age and die. The fabric of the feminine slowly fades as it launches into another round of mortality.

The twelve stars represent the twelve tribes of Israel…the sons passing down their familial heritage through the male line…the patriarchal dominion of the masculine. Thus the feminine queendom loses her radiant crown of light to the thorny crown of control known as mankind. But with each shiny new generation, the queendom of matter is ascending to her rightful throne in a glorious resurrection of the light of truth.

During the forthcoming celestial alignment, the planet Jupiter will be in the centre of Virgo. As the king of the planets, Jupiter is impregnating the virgin. And she’s very happy! For Jupiter brings the gift of happiness. Through the cycles of childbirth, the fairytale of evolution is reaching its Happily Ever After.

“And she being with child, cried trevailing in birth, and pained to be delivered…”  The ovum’s labour of love is to carry the pain of humanity…the wounds of the past…ancestral baggage…through her evolutionary pregnancy to full term, and deliver, into the arms of mother nature, a beautiful bundle of eternal joy. The institution of childbirth has an evolutionary purpose, and we’re moving toward the finish line in ever decreasing cyles. 

This Celestial Revelation is simply a twinkling pictorial representation of evolution and how it’s transpiring through our physiology. Evolution is indeed slowly, but surely, purifying the body temple, and bringing increased light into its tissue, thus creating a crystal clear vision of love…the proverbial CHRIST LIGHT arisen.

There isn’t going to be an instant magical transition on September 23rd. But the alignment is bringing into focus the true meaning of our beautiful evolutionary journey, and elucidating why we’re here, so we can open our hearts to the light of truth that’s emerging from within. With world-wide attention, mother nature’s collective heart will swell and burst forth into radiant sparkles, as she pours forth her mother’s love with increasing intensity.

What’s out there, comes from within.

Align your own twinkly stars, open your heart and shine your beautiful light for all the world to see.

So the sparkling feminine crown can take back her throne in a celestial dream come true.

“It’s About Time” by Marg Kinneen


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