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An Evolution Into Love

Evolve yourself out of Dis-ease, Aging and Death

“A fascinating study of the mind, body and soul,

from the cellular to the psychic.

Marg is a gifted writer who sees hidden meanings in everyday words.”

Lindsay Blue

Musician & Teacher


is simply opening your mind to strange new possibilities and

dreaming bigger dreams.

Expand your Mind & Open your Heart

“Your heart and mind are inextricably linked. In fact, heart and mind are analogous to spirit and science. Where once there was a wide gulf between them, there now exists an intimate relationship of renewed understanding that hails from a vibrational perspective.”

It’s About Time

So many incredible insights in this book and I’m barely a quarter through. So inspiring.
Libby Williams

I’m loving your book and have made it a habit to read a few pages every morning. You’re a genius, seriously incredible!
Kaz Terrar

 “(Marg) has drawn together seemingly divergent thoughts

and ideas from her study of language,

Christian theology and mysticism, and scientific discoveries. 

From these she has woven a credible thesis of the human condition

as being an evolution into a possibility of transcendence

beyond our present self-imposed limitations.”

Dr Hira Singh

Integrative Medical Practitioner

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“Such amazing information and insights…blows me away.

You should be proud of yourself for bringing us this incredible information about our human evolution.

No small task I might add.”


Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy

It’s About Time!

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