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Written By MargKinneen

On September 6, 2015

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YOU are amazing and unique!

Of that there is no doubt…in my mind anyway.

However, I’ve been struggling with my own uniqueness, and the value of my work. Is it good enough? Do I really have a message that’s worth telling? Why am I here?

Then it suddenly dawned on me! All this fear and doubt is my individual persona, my small self, that separates me from others. And the only time I feel fear is when I feel separate.

That’s when I opened my big eyes…and allowed the loving hug of unity to embrace me. Everything changed!

Yes, your uniqueness is your creative gift to the world.

It’s your magical essence that tells the world you’re here.

It’s your beautiful spirit sparkling with the joie de vivre.

It sets you apart in its delicious presence.

But unique also has a bigger picture…that holds your magnetic power.

UNIQUE = UNE ique = ONE ic = of the ONE

The ONE is the beautiful, unified field through which we’re all connected. It’s the fabric of love and the field of grace. High vibrational threads weave this sparkly field of joy.

It’s the playground of your imagination in it’s wildest design…where everything is possible.

Make Believe!


Youthful exuberance!

This true uniqueness holds your magnetic power.

Your creative vehicle of choice is how you express your personal uniqueness on the canvas of life. But can you imagine being powered by the universal uniqueness…the flow of magnetism that pours through you in wondrous sparkles of belief? Self-belief. Well, the good news is that it’s already happening, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.


Open your heart, and your big eyes, and feel the beauty pour through you. Believe in your creative endeavours…whatever they are. Become a fountain for the unique flow of creativity. Love it! Trust it!

For in the act of creating…anything…from a smile to a website…you’re being supported by the magnificent universal uniqueness…the oneness that wraps us all in its blanket of love. Creativity is uniqueness.

My new website’s not about me, as a separate entity from you. It’s about the universal flow of creativity that expresses through each and every one of us…nurturing us with its motherly touch…replacing fear with love.

Uniqueness doesn’t separate us…it unites us…in a BIG LOVING HUG.

Embrace all you do with the unique power of love.

You are amazing and unique!

Just the way you are.

How are you unique? How do you invite the loving universal power into your daily activities? I’d love to hear how amazing you are, so please let it flow in the comments below.

“I’m amazing because the universal flow of uniqueness expresses through me as I create my shiny new website.” 

Your turn!


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