Autism & Evolution book by Marg Kinneen

Autistics are the forerunners of evolution.

Autism & Evolution offers a big-picture perspective through a cellular lens.

Science meets Spirit in this poignant re-imagining of evolution, explaining why we’re here and how autism fits in.

Startling revelations within fairytales and words will pique your curiosity and have you wondering what’s real.

It’s time for something different.

Autism and Evolution


Autism & Evolution presents a unique perspective that pushes the boundaries of accepted beliefs, including the current medical-model of autism.

When seen in the light of evolution, autism makes a great deal of sense. Indeed, I propose that autistics are the forerunners of evolution, and that autism is a higher ability that’s simply misunderstood.

I re-imagine evolution from a cellular perspective, as I straddle the arenas of Spirit and Science. So you’ll see words like cells, DNA, the limbic system and hormones mingling with beliefs, chakras, fear and love, as I reveal the exquisite plan of evolution that’s bringing liberation to autistics; and indeed to us all.

It’s my fervent hope that this book will help you to understand that there’s nothing wrong with autistics; and that those bearing the autistic label will see themselves through a new, and beautiful, lens.

Spirit, Science & Fairytales

Marg Kinneen loves the magic within words and fairytales, and delights in decrypting the mysteries of human physical and spiritual evolution.

A very well argued case for Autistics being at the forefront of evolution

You have my congratulations and admiration for a very well argued case for Autistics being at the forefront of evolution. The extensive research and review of existing information and the re-interpreting of fairy tales is so well presented.

Dr Hira Singh MBBS, FRACGP

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Autism & Evolution book by Marg Kinneen
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