Cinderella KissOh the rapturous bliss of True Love’s First Kiss!

Can you feel its dreamy essence as it carries you through your day on the wings of love?

But how is this so, if Prince Charming isn’t actually standing in front of you?

True Love…

True Love, of course, rides on the pure vibration of unconditional love, which sets your spirit free so it can shine its beautiful light through the full  expression of your uniqueness. You’re beautiful just the way you are.


Kiss = touch.


First = finest, prime or prince.

So when you encounter True Love’s First Kiss, you are touched by the finest and most pure vibration that sets your spirit free. You have released all your lower emotions so only the most beautiful vibrations fill your body. This is your evolutionary destination.

The prince bringing true love’s kiss is your own pure vibration bringing the feeling of beauty to your body.

And when you imagine the rapturous bliss of True Love’s First Kiss, you are literally bringing in those beautiful vibes as if Prince Charming has just arrived on his white steed.

Invite True Love’s First Kiss into each and every moment and create for yourself the most beautiful Happily Ever After you have ever imagined.