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Cinderella’s Ugly Step Family

Written By MargKinneen

On April 3, 2015

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Upon the death of her real mother and father, poor Cinderella lived with an ugly step mother and her two ugly daughters.

She was relegated to an old, dark attic and made to wait on them hand and foot.

She was in servitude to her ugly step family.

You might be surprised to find that we all have one of these! Yes, indeed.

So what is the real meaning of the ugly step family, and how does it relate to you?

Let’s take a peek inside the ugly family and see what we can find.

 Ugly Step Mother

Very simply, the word ‘ugly’ means fear. We know that Cinderella’s real mother was loving and nurturing, wrapping Cinderella in the highest vibrations of unconditional love. So the step mother is the personification of the lower vibrations of fear, which are opposite to the loving vibrations of the real mother. True mothering requires love. There is no truth or integrity in the step mother.

Mother = Matre = Matter

The real, loving mother provides a nurturing presence, which encourages beauty and youth within her fabric…loving vibes encourage the pure creative expression of Cinderella, the radiant spirit of youth. When you nurture your own creative spirit, as a mother nurtures a child, your uniqueness is expressed in it’s true form…and your body radiates with joy.

But when doubts and fear creep in, your creative spirit becomes subservient to their powers of persuasion and obediently hides away in the dark recesses of your mind…feeling not good enough. These lower vibrations of ugliness, which take the form of control, are the inferior substitute for mothering that provides a dis-eased presence…the fabric of your being is sad…the high vibes of creation have turned into the low vibes of destruction, known as aging.

Say goodbye to your ugly step family as you release your fears and freely express your unique essence. You are good enough…exactly as you are. Become the real mother as you nurture and encourage your creative spirit, bringing the radiance of youth and beauty to your every fibre.

Shine your light.


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