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Have courage and be kind.

Written By MargKinneen

On April 8, 2015

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“Have courage and be kind”

These are the beautiful sentiments of the exquisite Cinderella, the latest Disney movie, which I’ve just delighted in seeing. I simply adore fairytales as you know!

And I’m going to share another fairytale secret with you today.

This little secret is about the Divine Feminine, which we’re told is ascending within us now. I’m sure you know that the feminine energies are those of unconditional love that come from the heart in the form of kindness. But did you know that the word courage also derives from the Latin word cor meaning heart?

Therefore, Cinderella’s message of courage and kindness is asking us to invite the energy of the Divine Feminine into our lives. And sometimes it does take courage to be kind amongst life’s daily struggles.

So the ascending of the Divine Feminine is synonymous with the rising of Cinderella from the ashes. They’re one and the same. How amazing is it that a fairytale written so long ago, speaks of what’s happening at this current time in evolution!?

But when we see through the fancy words, the Divine Feminine and Cinderella are simply the practice of choosing kindness with greater frequency.

Isn’t that lovely? Can you imagine a world where everyone chooses kindness first? Let’s imagine it together, and make that dream come true. Let’s see if we can open our hearts and be courageous and kind, like Cinderella.

Go see the movie. It’sdivine!

I’d love to know how you felt about it and which were your favourite parts…there were so many!!!

I wish you courage and kindness.

PS.¬†Want to know more secrets? Here’s the link to my free ebook “Fairytales: The Inside Story”. Enjoy!


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