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Ascension of the Divine Feminine

Written By MargKinneen

On April 12, 2015

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The Divine Feminine has been dancing in the spotlight of evolution recently, and she’s beginning to outshine her compatriots. So lets step out of the wings and join her centre stage to discover exactly who she is and why she’s so influential.

As always, the words themselves have helped me to decipher this little curiosity, so these understandings will be coming straight from the horses mouth!

The beautiful essence of the Divine Feminine is, of course, that of unconditional love and kindness, therefore manifesting only beautiful feelings and experiences. So the ascension of the Divine Feminine is simply an increase in love and kindness, thus attracting an increase in loving and kind life experiences. So when you increase your own love and kindness, you not only feel spectacular, but your whole life changes accordingly.

That’s what happens when you ride the high vibes!

Isn’t it wonderful that evolution is progressively dissolving fear and resurrecting love and kindness…within everyone? So evolution is presenting you with more and more beautiful life experiences simply because you were loving and kind. How lucky are you to be here at this time of higher vibrations witnessing and participating in this loving process. Yes, you are contributing to the evolution of mankind each and every time you show love and kindness.

But that’s not all, for the words ‘Divine Feminine’ hold another secret that she’s ready to reveal. And I know you’ll be interested in this one.


Kinder, as you well know, are children…pure, innocent, kind and loving. All children buzz with the radiant brainwave patterns called Delta, because they are so filled with imagination, intuition and the powers of regeneration. So as the essence of the Divine Feminine increases through the practice of kindness, you find an increased presence of Delta, and thus radiance, within your own body.

Collectively, we are literally stretching our imaginations and introducing ourselves to the world of unlimited possibilities as we return to frolic in the playground of make believe. We are becoming expert creators, just like little children, simply because we had the courage to believe that we could. Make believe is simply that…making more belief…in your self. Make believe is self belief.


The ascension of the loving and kind Divine Feminine brings increased make believe and self belief, therefore increased imagination and creativity. Amazing! You’ll find that as you ride the high vibes of love and kindness, your mind is lifted into flights of fancy beyond limitation. You dream bigger dreams, knowing beyond a doubt that they’ll come true. So always express your unique creative spirit with love and kindness, and feel the nurturing presence of the Divine Feminine as you become the magical creator of your wondrous life.

She is your creative inspiration guiding you constantly from within, and her voice is always kind, just like a little child. Her gentle whispers are carried on those radiant delta waves as the voice of your intuition…your inner spirit of truth who knows you better than anyone. So listen, with increasing frequency, to the loving kindness in your own heart.

And as you do, you bathe your body tissue in the radiant vibrations of youth. The Divine Feminine, the essence of love and kindness, fills your cells with the lighthearted spirit of a child, renewing your very fibres. The Divine Feminine fosters youth, and who doesn’t want to be more youthful? I knew you’d like this little secret.

So, what does the Divine Feminine have to do with you? She’s your truth.

Be loving and kind, for this is what sets your imagination free, opens your loving heart and brings radiant youth back into your body. Dream big and believe, for you’re always in the loving arms of the Divine Feminine.

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Ok, so now it’s your turn. What dreams are you currently loving and nurturing? Pop them in the playground of creativity below…and feel the communal blanket of love.


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