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Happily Ever After is NOW!

Written By MargKinneen

On April 17, 2015

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Are you waiting for Prince Charming to ride into your life on his white steed?

I do hope you’ve got a good book, ’cause it’s going to be a loooooooooong wait.

I remember so clearly the days when that was all I wanted. And the disappointment each time when that particular Prince Charming didn’t meet the fairytale expectations…again! But for some reason I still kept looking. He’s out there somewhere.

“Some day my Prince will come…”

Ring any bells?

Eventually I learned that the fairytale ending isn’t out there. It’s within me, where it’s been waiting all along.

In fact I’ve realised that the whole fairytale is within.

If we start at the end with Happily Ever After, we find that it doesn’t have to be an unattainable impossible dream, and that we can even create a whole new fairytale right now.

Happily Ever After = Happy Always = Happy In All Ways

So I get to choose happy whenever I like. I can choose happy in each thought, word and action…in all ways. How wonderful is that? And when I do, I find that I’m riding the high vibes of happy constantly…my steed of pure white light that delivers any charming dream I wish for.

I’m not saying that choosing happy in each and every thought, word and action is going to be easy at first, but I do know that with awareness and practice it does get easier…and it feels so good. When I visit my thoughts, words and actions before they occur, I have the power to design them to my exact happy specifications. I can stop my automatic reactions before they zap me of my power…my horse power that is!

My power to design happy is my power of choice. The more I take the reins, the more power I have, which lights me up from within. This inner radiance becomes magnetic, for anything’s possible on the high vibes. All dreams come true. I’ve just created Prince Charming on his white steed! He’s galloping into my life… and he’s so attractive!

Prince = Prime, First, Finest.

Charm = Magnetism.

My beautiful dream come true Prince Charming is the finest magnetic attraction that I myself radiate in the powerful, happy design of my thoughts, words and actions. I am the fairytale Princess designing my dreams come true in my own life fairytale. And so are you.

So take back your power, hop on your magnetic steed and ride into the life of your dreams by creating happily ever after…now! 

My Prince is calling! I’m off to create the life of my dreams.

What happy designs are you creating in your beautiful life fairytale? I’d love to know. Pop your radiant visions in the comments below and watch them magnify. 

Here’s a happy little video for you…enjoy!


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