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The Secret Science of Fairytales

Written By MargKinneen

On February 18, 2015

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Into The Woods!


Fairytales are everywhere these days!

Why? Because they’re magic…and they touch our hearts.

And…they also hold many secrets that they want us to know.

Amazing secrets!

Which I’ll be revealing in this blog. So stay tuned as I…

Open the True Heart of Fairytales!


Happily Ever After =

Happy Always =

Happy in All Ways.

It seems strange to start at the end, but why not provide some hope by showing that the proverbial happily ever after, which is what everyone’s searching for, is indeed attainable by simply changing your point of view.

By making the choice to be happy in each thought, word and deed (in all ways), we shift the focus from an impossibly distant goal to an achievable present choice.

Happily Ever After can be yours right now!

In subsequent posts I’ll explain how the Princess, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother and all the other endearing fairytale elements contribute to this constant state of happiness. You’ll love the new view!


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