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The Issue Is In The Tissue

Written By MargKinneen

On April 18, 2014

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Skin is universal.

It is the vessel within which we carry our identity…until we jump out of it that is!

“Beauty is skin deep.”

“I’ve had a skinful.”

“I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

Beauty. Anger. Confidence…

All carried in our skin!

I was recently approached by a friend who had been receiving insistent messages from her inner guide for me to explore the issues we hold onto in our skin. Now, I know that I’ve touched lightly on this subject in one of my previous posts “Rose: Sweet Nectar Of The Gods”. However, as my friend is a cellulite expert with a business that is reminiscent of every girl’s dream… CELLULITE FREE ME, and because of the insistence of her inner guidance, I felt compelled to explore further.

“The Issue Is In The Tissue” was the insistent message, and this little phrase has triggered an interesting stream of information about our connective tissue. So I’m going to dive into this again…at the deep end.


So whatever is happening in your body tissue, is a manifestation of YOU. Your story is written in your skin.

The choices we make take up residence in our cells as the prescription that defines our body tissue.

Every fibre of our being is in fact skin, comprised of the three layers called endoderm, exoderm and mesoderm that provide the foundation of our body structure from its primary embryonic stage. So our skin is the magic mirror that accompanies us throughout our life reflecting back to us exactly what emotions we are holding onto…and therefore the beliefs that bed down as the essence of our being.

Our emotions stem from those conditioned belief patterns that are held in our cells… within the prison of our body. In my previous article I used the following examples.

IRRITATION = the state of being IRATE. Skin irritation is the outer reflection or physical manifestation of stored ANGER that arises when our true essence is not expressed. Our true essence would manifest in radiant, glowing skin, whereas skin irritation is a mark of your youthful essence that was not permitted to express freely in childhood…the depressed child. Skin irritation in adults indicates a continuation of these childhood patterns wherein the adult is still not expressing their true radiant essence.

INFECTION = IN + AFFECTION. Quite obviously resulting from a lack of familial affection during childhood, creating much sadness of both spirit and body tissue. Skin infection is a cry for love. Please give me a cuddle so I can learn to cuddle myself in times of need.

All skin conditions…pimples, rashes, cellulite, fat…are signals that we need to address an OLD emotional issue that’s been suppressed. OLD, meaning that it’s from the past ANCESTRAL line…yes, THAT OLD!!! We’re actually here to cleanse all those OLD family beliefs from our cells (erase them from our cellular memory) and release our family from the continuing story of dis-ease that is passed from generation to generation. We’re here to stop our family from getting under our skin by rehabilitating our own familiar beliefs and patterns of behaviour. We’re here to forgive our family and thus purify our skin.

Forgiveness establishes youth.

Evolution is simply the forgiveness of family that invites youth back into our body temple.

Some further examples…

RASH = ITCH, causing an ERUPTION. Irritation has rashly led us into an impulsive and hasty burst of anger creating a volcanic eruption on our surface layer. What restless desire lay unfulfilled creating this stored anger and irritation? What irritating pattern of behaviour do we need to release? 

CELLULITE = SELL YOUR LIGHT. When we give our power away to situations and people in the external world, we dim our own inner light, thus lowering our self worth. We sell ourself short. Interestingly cellulite has been the domain of women, along with the pattern of lower self worth. As women climb out of the dark past and into the light of their self worth, cellulite dissolves.

CELLULITE = CELL YOUR LIGHT. The beautiful inner creative child spirit has been placed in a dark cell during childhood as it pleased the significant adults who were conditioning it to behave in the ‘acceptable’ manner as designated by the family code.


PIMPLES also relate to ANGER as our essence is entombed due to external control. Think here of adolescents = ADDLE ESSENCE. The degree to which a child’s own true essence has been suppressed, plays out in their adolescent years as their hormones kick in. Rebellion against the family code of conduct (DNA code), which has been enforced through rigid belief patterns, erupts in an angry display of pimply skin.

Clearly “The Issue Is In The Tissue”.

The word ISSUE itself holds its own cache of hidden meanings.

ISSUE = OUTFLOW, which is outward motion = E + MOTION = EMOTION. This now transforms our little phrase to read “The Emotion Is In The Tissue”, confirming that our body tissue expresses (out presses) our emotions. Our skin is the parchment upon which our emotions are displayed. So if we want to clear up our skin problems, we must first clear up our emotional problems. In using the word skin, I’m not simply referring to the outer layer of our flesh, but to every fibre of connective tissue within our body.

CONNECTIVE TISSUE = TISSUE THAT CONNECTS = ‘TIS YOU THAT CONNECTS. Our connective tissue doesn’t just function to connect everything inside us. It also connects us to everything outside of us. Our connective tissue holds our vibrations, which are our EMOTIONS. We are a body of emotions, for which our connective tissue is the conduit.

EMOTION = E.M. OCEAN or FIELD = ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. Therefore our electromagnetic field is created by us when our body tissue expresses our emotions. And when we have skin problems…problems with any of our connective tissue…this reflects in our electromagnetic field and contributes to our communication problems. Everyone who comes into our sphere detects our emotions (consciously or subconsciously) through their own connective tissue, which then determines the ensuing relationship.

Dissolve the ISSUE and create RADIANT TISSUE. Your skin will become the font of light carrying youthful vibrations… or in other words the fountain of youth that is its intended design.

“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin.” Mark Twain.


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