Dior scientists are marvelling at the amazing qualities of their Rose of Granville, the molecules of which have been found to block micro-inflammation within your body tissue.

Micro-inflammation is part of the ever-attendant immune system, and is the body’s response to infection (in-affection) and irritation (irate/anger).

In-affection and anger create the body’s inflammation.

Over time, this state of inflammation wears out your defences, thus becoming a key cause of aging and the root of many…

acute and chronic diseases.

“The low-level inflammation accelerated the process of cell destruction of your skin’s structure.” explains Dior’s head of scientific communication, Edouard Marbais-Jarvis

Nectar, which is extracted from the Rose of Granville, provides a soothing and repairing effect on the skin, by neutralising the inflammatory messages and calming the skin.

Dior’s rose essence-based products are said to provide the skin with extra nutrition. The oil “…leaves your skin so glowy, you look like you’ve swallowed a lightbulb. And as fresh as a rosebud.”

Skin = ex + kin = from kin = from gene

All body tissue is comprised of a three ply cellular weave of skin. Your very essence resides within your body tissue, within the little oil pots of your skin. Here is where you find your chemistry, your family signature, carrying the ancestral messages with their ever-present watchful eye over your behaviour. Your skin very clearly demonstrates your response to family patterns of communication. Your skin is your parchment upon which family beliefs are etched.

Skin = Messages from Kin

Inflammation is the body’s response to infection and irritation…in-affection and anger. By extension, it becomes very clear that in-affection and anger are the key causes of aging and the root of acute and chronic diseases (dis-eases). In-affection and anger physically destroy the cells of your body tissue, which is why you feel pain and illness. It’s why you feel bad in the presence of anger and lack of love. The fabric of your being is literally tearing apart.

Beautiful Messages = Beautiful Skin

Reversing this process requires changing the essential messages within your little cellular oil pots. The antidote to in-affection is, of course, love. And as anger is simply the result of fear, we find that it’s antidote is also love. As you learn to love yourself, you evolve your cells into little pots of love. You transform your familiar patterns of dis-ease into patterns of loving communication and affection, thus evolving your family messages of inheritance. Inherited family diseases dissolve within the tiny pots of love bestowing a new legacy of pure body tissue…beautiful, glowing skin, from beautiful, glowing kin. Joy!

Rose = the Essence of Love

Rose essence has always been associated with love. It has the highest frequency of any oil, which serves to raise the vibrations within cells creating harmony and increased well-being. Rose essence liberates the feminine principle of unconditional love. All conditions are removed! All family laws, restrictions, traditions and fearful codes of conduct are simply dissolved to be replaced by the highest protection of all…love.

Rose nectar soothes and repairs your skin renewing each fibre as it restores the glow of youth.

Dior’s findings are simply an outer reflection of what is transpiring within each and every one of us. As we raise our vibrations through the increased practice of self-love, we invite purity into our tissues and rose essence into our little cellular oil pots. We create youth from within.

Tissue = ‘Tis You
You = Rose Essence = Love

Rose essence is the sweet nectar of the gods that is known otherwise as Ambrosia.

Ambrosia = Amber Rose

Ambrosia was purported to confer ageless immortality. In Greek mythology, through the use of ambrosia, Hera “cleansed all defilement from her lovely flesh.” Ambrosia and Nectar are used interchangeably, both words meaning to overcome death.

Connector = con + Nectar = with Nectar

All your body’s connective tissue is tissue with nectar! All your connective tissue is comprised of your little cellular oil pots containing nectar. The choice of nectar is yours! By changing the vibrational messages secreted within your cells to little love notes to yourself, you evolve your essential oils into the sweet nectar of roses and resurrect your connective tissue into the highest realms of loving communication. All your connections will come laced with the fragrance of love. Tissues of Love.

‘Tis You filled with Love
‘Tis You filled with Light

Your skin is luminescent…glowing with light…transparent. You are transparent, as there is nothing more to hide within your little pots of purified oil. No more family secrets (secretions)!

Dior scientists have identified a new skin category, which they call Delicate.

“We’re talking (of) an extremely refined type of skin. A bit more transparent – it’s a matter of having thin skin – something that requires more care and attention. Delicate skin…experiences discomfort when you’re not using products. It’s soothed by the use of products.” says Mauvais-Jarvis.

Delicate skin is quite simply the more evolved tissue that is now making itself apparent as we move into higher vibrations on our evolutionary quest toward purity. It is evidence of our embodiment of love and light. Delicate skin is more transparent because its instructive oils are pure. It requires loving attention in order to maintain its beautiful structure and appearance, just as we do. And it experiences discomfort or dis-ease when it’s not receiving this loving attention…when it’s feeling in-affection (infection) or anger (irritation). Delicate skin is soothed by the high vibrations of pure rose essence within the Dior products, just as we are soothed by the higher rosy vibrations of unconditional love within our little cellular oil pots.

Delicate Skin = Magnetic

The word delicate literally means delightful, which takes on the further meaning of allure and charm. Pure, Delicate skin is magnetic! It’s magnetic glow draws the attention of admiring eyes. It’s magnetic glow promises delights beyond your wildest dreams. Your purified little oil pots deliver immortality upon the gentle fragrance of roses…the most alluring of all…inviting you into their magnetic field of grace. Free from conditions, they lead you into a world of unlimited possibility where all dreams come true. Love has set free your magnetic spirit. As you dissolve your fears into pure love, you open your cellular hearts to the magic of creation and your body to the delights of youth.

The sweet nectar of roses is your saving grace…from within the garden of your heart.

Thank you Dior for your beautiful Mirror of Roses. 

(All quotes are from an article in Harpers Bazaar magazine, Australia December, 2013, called  “Thorny Issues” by Eugene Kelly)