Excerpt from

“It’s About Time”

by Marg Kinneen

“We have travelled together through the pages of this book and shared grace, gratitude and forgiveness on the waves of unconditional love. We have taken a journey of discovery through evolution and unveiled some amazing revelations that support the premise that science and spirituality are soul mates. We have dispensed with rules and all fear based limitations as we off loaded all past baggage and set our inner children free to express creatively the spirit of the inner artist. We have released our skeleton from its mantle of death as it stepped from its closet into the radiant light of truth whilst revealing all its ancient secrets that have been cowering within, awaiting this amazing time of enlightenment. We have dipped into fairy tales, legends and the Bible and emerged with a fresh new perspective of their abundant wisdom.

With a renewed understanding of your evolutionary purpose as a vehicle of light traversing the generations in a progressive collective cleansing, the human spiritual journey towards enlightenment and immortality is demystified. Humanity is dissolving into light and all is well. Shine your light in each and every moment! This is your true and only calling. You are a radiant body of light – one twinkling star on the celestial canvas. So sprinkle magic into everything you do. Find the creative spirit that makes your heart sing and fill your body and your life with the wonder of an innocent child. May you always see life through rose-colored glasses.

Your cells are your secret garden. Tend them with loving care. Bring them into the light of grace. And reveal their long-held inner secret…that you are the source of all creation…you are the fountain of youth. You have entered the garden of your heart. It’s About Time!

“The secret garden is always open now.

Open and awake and alive.

If you look the right way, you can see that

the whole world is a garden.”

(Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett)”

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