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The Missing Key To Manifestation

Written By MargKinneen

On December 10, 2013

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We’d all love to be Master Manifesters!

In truth, we can.

But we’ve been doing it all backwards!

The Law of Attraction tells us that like begets like. Think positive…get positive results. Think negative…get negative results.

However, positive and negative reside in the world of duality. This is not the world of manifesting. So often we hear of people who constantly practice positive affirmations, and yet are still unable to manifest their desires.


Because they’re missing the key element.


Belief = Be + Lief = Be + Love = Be Love.

When we take a deeper look into the understanding of the word belief, we find a beautiful surprise. Wrapped within belief is the essence of love. So in order to truly believe in something, you must cast your loving gaze upon it. It’s not enough to simply know what you wish, want or desire. That will always place you in a position of lack.

Loving vibrations are the tools of the master craftsman.

When your desires are woven with the threads of radiant love they manifest with ease. As you hold them in the highest, most loving vibrations, you maintain the integrity of your desired vision. You constantly see your vision in it’s completed form and tend it lovingly as a mother does a child. Your loving vibrations provide the nourishment that supports and maintains the beauteous fabric of your vision. Loving attention strengthens this fabric into reality as it is created and re-created anew beneath the gaze of your loving eyes.

Love is Creative.

When you believe, you be love, therefore you create.

When you believe in yourself, you believe in and create your dreams.

Only when you believe in yourself can you create your dreams.

When you believe in yourself, you be love in yourself.

Be Love.

Love has no duality. Love is not negative or positive. Love simply is.

Look at yourself through the eyes of love. Cherish and nurture yourself by immersing your every fibre in loving vibrations in each and every moment. Be kind to yourself. Welcome only loving thoughts and words into your body. And only practice loving actions to yourself and others. In so doing, you are telling your body that you love it. You are filling your body with love. You are saying “I believe in you… You are worthy of love, beauty, joy, and all that is good.” Now you have created fertile ground for manifestation.

All dreams come true on the highest vibrations of love.

You are a Master Manifester on the highest vibrations of love.

Anything you desire, if supported by love, will manifest.

The Key is Love.

Flip the process!

We’ve been doing it backwards!

Unlimited possibilities reside on the highest vibrations of pure love. When immersed in these loving vibrations constantly, whatever we dream will manifest. Give your dreams to love. Give yourself to love.

Loving vibes are Magnetic!

Magnet = Imagine it!

Pure love is unconditional and therefore places no conditions between you and your dreams. Pure love is your fully open imagination. Imagine it in love and it comes to fruition. Simply love, love and more love and you’ll be riding the high vibes of manifestation.

Practice Love First… 

…and then whatever you envisage will be created in its purest, most beautiful form. Stop trying to manifest your individual desires by placing all your attention on them. This focuses only on lack and low self worth, and can only manifest to your limited human understanding of need.

Create a Matrix of Love…

…and then whatever dreamy seed is placed within its beautiful womb, will manifest with ease… far beyond your wildest imaginings. When your connective tissue is imbued with the highest vibrations, it becomes a matrix of love. It’s fibres radiate with youth and beauty…supremely attractive!!! Your connective tissue is transformed into a joyous playground of make believe where all dreams magically come true.

Love First…

Dreams Follow!

This is the real law of attraction…the lore of attraction…the story of attraction…the story of magnetism…the story of love…the store of love.

The Law of Attraction = The Store of Love.

How much love is stored within your cells?

This is the degree of magnetism you possess!

This is your personal store of attraction.

This is your personal story.

How attractive is it?

Beautify your story by practicing self-love.

You are the star attraction in your story.

Shine your light brightly.

Become the love of your life.

And your life will love you in return.

Open your Heart.

Tell your Story of Love.

It’s Dreamy!


  1. Cathy

    So simple, and yet… An indication that I need to gently allow another tether around my heart to loosen.

    • MargKinneen

      Oh! Thanks Cathy. Sending love.

  2. april

    absolutely, marg. self-love is a favorite topic of mine as an eating disorders aftercare coach (and that love carries through to interactions with others). thank you for a lovely look at believing in ourselves.

    • MargKinneen

      My Pleasure April. It sounds so easy but it sometimes feels like the hardest thing in the world to do. X.

  3. Sue Ann Gleason

    Beautiful post, Marg. My favorite line: “Become the love of your life.” That has so many luscious layers of meaning for me. Thank you.

    • MargKinneen

      I love your descriptive words Sue Ann… “luscious layers”… X.

  4. Laurie

    Marg, this really resonates with me. When I have manifested things into being, it has been when I’ve already felt them and been grateful for them being there, which to me means I’m in a state of love about them. Love this post!

    • MargKinneen

      Absolutely! That’s the magic! We have to BE it before we SEE it! X.

  5. ELizabeth MacLeod

    My word for the 2014 year is love . . . so honey, I’m right there with ya!!!! 🙂

    • MargKinneen

      Love it is then Elizabeth!!! I love it!!! Lol!!!


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