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The Truth About Truth

Written By MargKinneen

On October 22, 2013

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Truth…it’s just a little word, but it carries a big load! Can you feel the weight of expectation and approval hanging off your every word?

Have I said the right thing?

Is this really the truth?

Will they believe me?

In truth, this load-bearing linguistic machine is a well-disguised mimic that serves only as a disciple to illusion! How do I know this?

Ten years ago I accepted a challenge that has unfolded its transformative wings and ushered me, circuitously, into the arms of truth. The magnetic lure of curiosity alone fueled my need to understand the meaning of the cryptic message I’d received. It began…

“The Truth of the Heart is why you CHOOSE Earth this time…”

Even now, my wildest imagination would struggle to conjure a fantasy as strange and twisted as the epic pilgrimage this hypnotic message unleashed… a pioneer venturing into the truth of the heart…exposing the biggest twist of all time.

In a blink I was streaming information that exploded long-held beliefs about our evolutionary journey. My initial challenge, however, was not the information itself but the vehicle through which it was expressing…words…individual words. I am blessed with the gift of accessing an encrypted subtext within words. The subtext? You guessed it! Truth. Now this presented a conundrum, for how does one explain this phenomenon without being offered the proverbial white coat!

All words secrete hidden meanings within their vibration, and now inexplicably I was privy to this wondrous new language. One word after another offered up its treasure, progressively contributing to the extraordinary evolutionary jigsaw puzzle that slowly cobbled itself together into a revolutionary whole. This new picture of evolution offered a delicious feast of hope and purpose, and my challenge was to deliver it to the world. Things were not as they seemed, and now was the time for the great revelation of truth.

Trepidation stirred within, for delivering innovative information is a double-edged sword that begins with amazement whilst concurrently building an enormous wall of resistance. I chipped away at this wall of fear until it succumbed to the laser light of truth and dissolved into a crumbling pile of impossibility.

In this radiant light of truth, mortality becomes the illusion. Humanity has been travelling along under the false perception of mortality for so long that it has simply become habit. Mortality is a habit, and all habits disappear when the underlying cause is dissolved, which is exactly what has been transpiring throughout evolution. Mankind is dissolving the illusion and rendering mortality obsolete. This subliminal disappearing act is being staged within our cells, for this is indeed where the truth of the heart will be unveiled.

A slight change in the angle of perception defines the cell nucleus as the heart of the cell, within which rests the body’s instruction manual, DNA. In the beginning, the ovum/egg is the original cradle within which the DNA is deposited. The ovum has the innate property of eternal youth that nestles within her heart. But she offers this pure heart to the altar of childbirth upon receipt of DNA, thus sacrificing her eternal youth…her immortality. And so, it is the mortal child that now sleeps within the maternal cellular heart, oblivious to its impending sojourn into illusion. And thus the biggest twist of all time reveals itself in the guise of DNA… the cause of mortality and illusion.

DNA is the biggest twist of all time! It is the twist in the plot of evolution. That which stood as a scientific certainty now reveals itself as the main player in our spiritual evolution. DNA has carried patterns of dis-ease through the family tree since the beginning of time. The old ways inadvertently sparked rebellion and disobedience from the deep inner knowing of each new generation, culminating in new patterns of belief and behaviour. This dogged march through time fostered a progressive cleansing… an evolutionary baptism.

Thus the evolutionary goal stood strongly resolute. It’s mission to eliminate ancestral DNA, along with its patterns of dis-ease, from within the cell nucleus. This quest has been secretly unfolding throughout the course of time. The relay that is the human race has been passing the ever-diminishing DNA baton from generation to generation in an attempt to cross the evolutionary finish line in a blaze of light.

And so the truth about truth slowly emerges. When truth is deposited within the cell nucleus, integrity of structure returns. Truth is integrity.

The fundamental quality of the original individual cell – the nurturing mother of all, the ovum – is integrity. She has integrity of structure. Her fabric is pure. Youth is her eternal countenance. This is our true, original design. This is home. And the light is always left on to guide us back into the loving arms of our awaiting mother. Her love is the ever-present beacon that encourages us and draws us gently from our web of fear.

The true mothers heart is unconditional…it holds no conditions…it is free…it is filled with grace. Grace generates constant power from its home within this loving heart…our true inner power source. Only through impregnation by an opposing force does the pure heart submit to foreign conditions…DNA. Fear is instilled into the heart, as conditions now call for approval from an external source…family patterns of control. With the increase of conditions the power of grace diminishes, and so too does the light of truth from within our fabric, which gradually loses its integrity of structure. DNA has led us into the realm of dis-ease, aging and death known as mortality…the fall from grace.

Steadfastly, evolutions progressive cleansing holds its banner of truth high. Its purpose is to eliminate DNA from the cell nucleus thus releasing the mother-of-all from her evolutionary labour of childbirth, and dissolving the fear within our collective heart. The power of grace will once again triumph over the power of fear, as we plug back into our inner power source and switch on the light of truth…the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, the original individual cell takes residence at the base of our spine…the end of the tunnel…a pure radiant heart channeling its energy upward through eyes of love…a mother’s gentle gaze. Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine…a rose by any other name finds its essence in this home, sweet, home. This too is the embryonic point of departure from our eternal mother as we set sail on our life’s journey. So it is at the base of the spine that we find the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Here we find our authentic instruction manual – our pure heart that provides us with the only nourishment we ever need… love.

As we increase our own practice of love, we raise our vibrations and open our cellular hearts to pure radiant light, thus inviting integrity back into the fabric of our being. Figuratively, as the pure, innocent child runs into the unconditionally loving arms of its mother, youth literally returns to our matter. And thus the ever-present struggle for women to maintain their youth finally ceases. The age-old quest for the fountain of youth comes to rest in a spring of love that resides within.

Your evolutionary purpose is to release all the conditions that place expectation and approval upon yourself and others, for these are based in fear. By so doing you release the spirit of the child that has been cowering in the depths of your being awaiting its freedom. Throw off the fear…drop the heavy load…switch on the light and speak your truth from a pure and loving heart.

My own fear has shackled me throughout this journey…because the light of truth can be blinding. I am a messenger of truth, which seemed too big a burden to carry. So I hid out of sight under a blanket of fear that took hold within the very fabric of my being. But it’s impossible to hide from truth for it calls constantly from within…the little distant voice crying out for love. Self love. As you wrap yourself in love and nurture yourself as a mother nurtures a child, all fear disappears, your heart opens and the light of truth pours forth. Free at last!

This is why I am here…to reconnect to the truth of the heart within, and assist others to do the same by throwing light upon the age-old myth that we are mortal. It’s time to remember our magnificence.

Truth…it’s just a little word! But it has a very big heart! The immaculate heart of truth that is the pure ovum is a huge cell…

How great thou art.


  1. Zoe

    Wow, this one sentence really spoke to me “Your evolutionary purpose is to release all the conditions that place expectation and approval upon yourself and others, for these are based in fear.” Thank you.

    • MargKinneen

      Yes, Zoe, it reflects what’s in your post today about decluttering the past! I find amazing synchronicities occurring in our blog shares.

  2. Dana

    Marg, thank you for this beautiful read. I too have been shackled by fear and at times find myself returning….love is the truth that sets us free. ♥

  3. MargKinneen

    Thanks Dana. Fear…for me it’s simply reduced love. I guess we’re all here to unshackle ourselves, and won’t it be wonderful when we are free.

  4. Michelle

    How great art this post. 🙂 Beautiful, deep, soulful message, Marg.

    • MargKinneen

      Lol!!! How great art thous sense of humour. Thanks Michelle. Love the smiley.

  5. Kelly Hine

    Marg I love what you say about self-love and fear! That if you wrap yourself in self-love and nurture yourself as a mother nurtures a child, then fear disappears. Amazing insights here. xx

    • MargKinneen

      Thanks Kelly.The mother and child visual is so gentle but captivating. X.

  6. Sue Ann Gleason

    I love this line, especially, Marg: “As we increase our own practice of love, we raise our vibrations and open our cellular hearts to pure radiant light, thus inviting integrity back into the fabric of our being.” As I work with women on heath and expression I see that those who have the most love in their hearts (for themselves and for others) make the most progress. In my observation, love of SELF must come first. Thank you for a very thought provoking post. Your work is deep.

    • MargKinneen

      Your welcome Sue Ann. Yes, if everyone had self love, we would all connect from our inner radiance. What a wondrous world it would be. X

  7. Tania Mercer

    I 100% agree with you on this: “Self love. As you wrap yourself in love and nurture yourself as a mother nurtures a child, all fear disappears, your heart opens and the light of truth pours forth. Free at last!” It is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself yet so hard to do for many! It truly is a daily practice. Thank you.

    • MargKinneen

      Yes Tania, self-love is the key that will open the door to our hearts and set the radiant truth free. It’s time to shine our lights. X.

  8. ELizabeth MacLeod

    Captivating. My uncle was one of the triumvirate that discovered DNA way back when. I have a special connection to it because of that and the intense truth that made that discovery so important. To see you here, bringing more truth to the evolution of being human, is , for me, glorious. Please keep exploring and sharing your words and your work.

    • MargKinneen

      Thanks Elizabeth. It’s so exciting connecting with someone who appreciates my work. My book explores it in much greater detail. It’s very cutting edge, but I am a pioneer after all. The truth about evolution is absolutely fascinating. X.

  9. april

    “thus inviting integrity back into the fabric of our being.” this, marg, is what i focus on the most with my clients who have physically overcome eating disorders. pulling all of those separate pieces back to the core – even the most injured and vulnerable ones – and finally, completely . . . integrating the self. thank you for a lovely read.

    • MargKinneen

      Yes, April, integrity is where we’re heading…truth! INJURY = INNER JURY = all those voices from the past that keep telling us we’re not good enough. Release the jury…no need for a verdict…we’re all beautiful! X.


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