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Stand in Cinderella’s Shoes!

Written By MargKinneen

On July 11, 2015

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Wouldn’t you just love to step into Cinderella’s glass slippers?

I know I would!

Here I go…


Oh my! What a wonderful view!

It’s magical standing in Cinderella’s shoes.

The world is such a wondrous place.

People are always kind and loving. Everyone smiles. It’s one big open heart.

My spirit is bursting with courage…I can freely splash my uniqueness upon a colourful canvas of my own creation. Anything’s possible!

I believe!

The view is crystal clear from this high vantage point.

Cinderella’s slippers represent her crystal clear point of view

My life can also look like this if I choose to stand in Cinderella’s shoes and see the world through her eyes. 

Come and join me. Step into Cinderella’s glass slippers. What’s the view like for you?


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