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The Hidden Princesses

Written By MargKinneen

On June 29, 2015

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The beautiful fairytale princess, who you love so dearly, dwells figuratively within your own heart.

She’s your pure essence of unconditional love that awaits revelation.

She’s your dreaming spirit that yearns for release from her evolutionary prison within your dark cells.

She’s creativity riding the wings of your full and free imagination.

She’s the sweet magnetic power of your free and open heart. Truth.

She’s simply in hiding…in the attic, in the woods, in the cottage…

But who is she really?

The beautiful princess is your sweet, loving, open heart of innocence…the essence of the child…youth. She’s the radiant brainwave pattern of children, called Delta, which promotes intuition, imagination and regeneration. She’s the power of self-belief that lives within, providing nurturing, guidance and creation.

With time and conditioning, this radiant beauty and youthful effervescence slowly fades from view. Self-belief obediently shifts its allegiance to comply with external expectation, as the inner system of trust bows to a newly established¬†Beta brainwave pattern of adulthood. The princess is in hiding…behind a veil of fear…disbelief settles in.

Truth is in hiding as you take on the illusions of the fearful adult.

But each night, as you tuck your weary body into bed, you switch off your beta brainwave’s only the illusion that sleeps!

You dive deep into your delta dream state…your truth that waits patiently for your cyclical return. Your imagination comes to life in your dreams. Your intuition pours forth inspiration. Your body finds regeneration. Your princess is sparkling. All your dreams come true…you reunite with your true essence under the canopy of night. A ritualistic refuelling.

Upon waking you are refreshed, inspired and rejuvenated. You’ve found the answers to your questions, you’ve dreamed your dreams, and your body has flirted with youth once again. Your sparkle has returned, ready to unmask yet another illusion…ready to fight another day in the evolutionary quest toward the unveiling of truth…the dissolving of Beta (fear) as Delta (love) takes the throne once again.¬†

Oh how your princess would dearly love to express herself openly in the full light of day…for this is her evolutionary quest…to come out of hiding. But until that time arrives, when all dreams come true, her light is always guiding you from the depths of your heart. Listen for her sweet whispers. Follow your heart. It’s truly beautiful. Believe.

What do you hear when you listen to the sweet whisperings of your inner princess? What sparkles of inspiration does she impart during your beautiful dream state? Is she making her presence felt in your every day reality? Are you following your heart? Do you believe in yourself?

I’d love to hear from you…and your beautiful princess…in the comments below.¬†


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