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YOU are the evil fairytale villain!

Written By MargKinneen

On April 30, 2015

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YOU are the Wicked Witch, the Evil Queen, Maleficent and the Ugly Step Mother.

Yes indeedy!!! We all are.

They simply represent the fearful feminine that’s been dropped into the scary and controlling masculine story…called mankind.

She’s literally been dropped out of the high vibrational, loving feminine qualities to take on a persona of lower vibrational, fearful masculine qualities. The wounded feminine…is…the masculine. Or, the masculine is the wounded feminine.

The universe is actually all feminine. The Divine Feminine in her beautiful, shining attire, and the Wounded Feminine in her dark, masculine attire.

Now that changes things, doesn’t it?!

Whenever these evil ladies appear, it’s because of fear!

Your Evil Queen lashes out whenever you feel threatened by external stimuli. She’s learned that the world is a fearful place for her scared little spirit to live in, and so she’ll do anything to protect it and keep it from further harm. Programmed chemical reactivity.

Your Ugly Step Mother has closed her heart to love, for life has taught her that no-one really wants her. So she’ll do anything to prevent her daughters from suffering the same fate. Your sad cells, filled with the childhood conditioning of ‘not good enough’, divide and pass their feelings on to their daughter cells! This perpetuates the fearful legacy. (The word ‘ugly’ literally means fear)

Fear leads you into the lower vibrational disguise of lower vibrational behaviours…your evil feminine characteristics (your masculine characteristics).

But of course there’s always a happy ending, for the beautiful little spirit that your evil villains are protecting is really your Cinderella hidden away in the attic, your Sleeping Beauty asleep in your dark cells, your Snow White who’s been exiled into hiding.

They don’t want to be evil. They don’t want to be seen as evil. All they want is love.

Cuddle your Wicked Witch. Nurture your Evil Queen. Be kind to your Maleficent. Bring joy to your Ugly Step Mother.

Soothe your ailing masculine…with your sweet feminine, just as Cinderella always showered kindness upon the Uglies.

YOU are sweet Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and all the beautiful fairytale princesses all wrapped into one glorious bundle.

And they lived Happily Ever After.

I’d love to know how you soothe your inner villain…your beautiful, but scared little spirit. Drop me a note in the comments below. It’s always an inspiration. 

Shine on!


  1. di downie

    HI marg,

    I saw the latest Cinderella Movie the other day

    Loved it so much. Movie makers are so clever these days to bring reality into our every day living and show us the reality through fairy tales.

    Great blog

    Trust you are well and happy


    • MargKinneen

      Hi Di.

      I absolutely loved Cinderella…I’m in heaven with all the Disney movies that are coming out. There’s sooooo much truth threaded within the fabric of fairytales. It makes my heart sing.

      Love your travel blog. Feels like you’re having a wonderful time…your own real life fairytale!

      Keep shining.



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