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A Magical Perspective

Written By MargKinneen

On July 11, 2015

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“She saw the world not always as it was, but as perhaps it could be with just a little bit of magic.” (Narrator, Cinderella the movie)

And where did that magic come from?

From within herself, of course.

Cinderella always sprinkled magic onto everything and everyone.

So how can you find that same magic within yourself?

magic = image -ic

Cinderella’s magic is the image she holds of her world. What she believes to be true.

Cinderella believed that her world could be filled with goodness and kindness, and so she herself showered this upon the world. She was indeed creating a world of goodness and kindness.

Can you imagine if we all did that?

Even when the world seemed very ugly, Cinderella courageously held to her beliefs and nurtured her beautiful inner vision…her beautiful point of view.

What’s your dreamy vision? Hold it in your heart and nurture it. See it as already true, even if the world around you tells you otherwise. 

ugly = fear

Ugly literally means fear! So it’s only the fearful world that doesn’t believe in your vision.

Hold your own magic…your own image of what your world could be like. And love it!

That’s your magic!

Channel your inner Cinderella and add a little bit of magic to your perspective…and see the world as it could be.


  1. Lisa

    I made very conscious effort to do this today! Thanks so much Marg…love you and your magical insights!👍🏽😘🌀❤️⚡️❤️🌀

    • MargKinneen

      Thanks for sprinkling a little magic into everyone’s life, Lisa. The fabric of life is sparkling even more brightly because of it.


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