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Written By MargKinneen

On July 21, 2015

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FAIRY comes from the Latin word meaning fate, which comes from the Latin word meaning to speak.

FATE is the power that rules your destiny, coming in the form of a PREDICTION = PRE  DICTION.

So FATE is that which is SPOKEN BEFORE the event occurs.

You create your fate with your own words! What story are you telling yourself about you, for that story is your fate.

MAGIC = IMAGE -ic = vision or dream. The magic of fairies is their ability to speak dreams into reality.

ELLA speaks beautiful dreams into reality, for she is a beautiful fairy, as her name implies.  

But what happens to Ella’s beautiful dreams that turns her into Cinderella?

Her dreams have gone up in smoke…they’ve been burnt to cinders. Ella’s dreams have disappeared due to the presence of the Uglies…fear and doubt.

Ella is symbolic of your own fate. She’s your beautiful inner fairy, that tells the story of your dreams. When you speak with Ella’s voice, you create the life of your dreams, for your story is always beautiful. You create your own life fairytale.

But when you speak with the voice of fear, your dreamy story goes up in smoke. When you don’t believe that you’re worthy of your beautiful dream, your prediction is spot on, for it won’t come true. When the tale you tell is woven from fearful threads, your dreams are in tatters as ugly fulfils your prediction.

It’s fear that turns your dreams to ashes. It’s fear that perpetuates the ashes to ashes cycles of mortality. So resurrect your imagination from the ashes of ancestral limitation. Liberate the voice of Ella. Believe in your worth and speak your dreams into reality.

Dream on beautiful fairy.

The magic awaits.

Use Ella’s eyes and voice in your daily life…and watch the magic happen. I’d love to hear your dreamy Ella stories below in the comments. Any magic happening in your life?



  1. Lisa

    I absolutely love this website and this post is amazing! Thank you 🙂

  2. MargKinneen

    Thank you Lisa. That’s very kind of you. I love what I do, and the beauty and magic within fairytales.


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