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From Passion To Truth

Written By MargKinneen

On March 26, 2019

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What do you want to do so much that it aches for you to think about it?

I know only too well that my own passion for words has brought with it a whole lot of aching, tears and fears. How can something that you love soooooo fervently bring so much pain and anguish? I’ve asked myself this question so many times.


The word PASSION itself means SUFFER!!!


How is this so? I simply couldn’t understand this. If our passion is

something we so dearly love, why do we have to suffer?


And then a little gem from a fellow creator brought the flash of light that finally revealed the answer. This lovely lady had quoted Joe Vitale who, when asked “How do you find your passion?”, replied oh so
brilliantly, “Look at what you’re afraid to do.”


OMG! The lights went on!!!



The word suffer literally means to carry under. So your passion is that which you carry under your external facade…that which has been depressed (down pressed) through childhood programming. Your beautiful, imaginative, creative spirit, filled with the wonders of make-believe, has been usurped by the rules and traditions of family and society, and been replaced by acceptable behaviour. Your true spirit is wounded and cowering somewhere in the depths of your being – the little voice crying out to be heard. It no longer trusts it’s own creative essence, which has been so constantly muted by the well-meaning instruction of significant adults, and is therefore fearful of gracing the stage of life because it feels that it’s not good enough.


Our passion therefore is our suffering spirit…our true essence, which so desperately wishes to be seen and heard in its true light.


But it’s also our GREATEST FEAR…that we’re NOT GOOD ENOUGH!


Our fear of not being good enough stops us from stepping forward into the light and saying “Here I am…this is me…this is what I love to do…this is who I really am.” My own fears have petrified me literally and taken hold within my arthritic hips, the joints that are designed to move us forward. Our joints are also called articulations so my inability to freely articulate my true self is expressed through my rigid/petrified hips. Liberation of my truth will see my hips release their condition, which is simply a relic of my childhood conditioning. And so our passion, our wounded spirit, expresses through the suffering of our physical body.


When we invite our passion into the light, it is transformed into TRUTH, and all suffering disappears.

When we free our passion, our body is transformed into YOUTH.

What is it that you’re afraid to do? Look at it! This is your beautiful creative spirit that is waiting for you to take it by the hand and lead it to freedom. This is your wounded infant that so long ago slipped into the dark depths of fear and depression. With your own tender loving care, you can forgive all the wounds of the past and breathe new life into your sleeping creative spirit, just as a mother nurtures her child.

We can use the unconditionally loving essence of the universally accepted Mother Mary as our guiding light, because this is her symbolic duty…to help us recognise the nurturing mother within ourselves so we can resurrect our true spirit from its passion. Our beautiful pure infant spirit is the leading figure in the Crucifixion parable that is also known as The Passion on the Cross. With the understanding that cross also means angry, a new perception is birthed. The passion on the cross stands in the light of its true message…the little infant spirit is crucified due to anger. Throughout our childhood the anger of well-meaning adults, who were themselves simply suffering under the strain of expectation, has silenced the infant spirit and relegated it to its place of hiding. The pure infant is crucified. But it is this passion, this suffering, this yearning, that fervently expresses itself in tears and anguish and sorrow and pain, until it bursts through in a wondrous resurrection that is driving evolution’s progressive baptism ever forward.



To use another biblical analogy let’s look at the oft heard phrase purportedly spoken by Jesus…

“Suffer little children to come unto me.”

If we wish to come into the essence of purity and innocence represented by the symbolic Jesus, we must first purge all the wounds of the past that place conditions upon our heart, soul, spirit and body. This evolutionary purging sees the creative spirit progressively released from its prison of suffering. With each passing generation the voice of the infant is more freely expressed and creativity and the imagination forge an increasing presence.

Suffer little children = the Passion of the wounded infant within

Sometimes we must suffer to the point of our own destruction before we finally release the truth of our being – the true spirit of creativity that has been depressed for so long. The suffering is the necessary evil that pushes us toward resurrection with its constant reminder of pain. We suffer in order to save ourselves, and to liberate humanity. The Bible says that Jesus died on the cross to save us…the analogy is that the true inner spirit dies through anger in order to be resurrected through passion. When we have cleared the past, we reveal the light of clarity, the symbolic Christ Light, radiating gloriously from within.

As you look at your greatest fear, and splash your passion onto the awaiting canvas of life, it magically disappears!!!

And standing in its place is your loving, joy-filled, wondrous spirit of make-believe that knows no boundaries.

It’s time now to transform your PASSION into your TRUTH…

…and partake in the greatest RESURRECTION of all time…



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