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What’s Your Story?

Written By MargKinneen

On November 7, 2019

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It’s said that everyone has a book in them. So what does yours look like? Not sure? Just look in the mirror…and there it is…your book of life flung open…your story etched indelibly into each delicately hewn crease, each time-honoured fold… the careful strokes that slipped from the paint brush of life to capture you to perfection.

Your body is your book of life. And that makes you the author.

The stories you tell not only become the threads that weave your body together, but the ancestral yarns that create the scaffolding for future generations. The human race is a relay, passing on the baton of stories in a process of beautification that is surely surging toward its finish line of happiness. So your story is already being written within the fibres of your being as you contribute to the relay of evolution…just by being here. A human being!

I know there are times when my own inner story-teller is sad or lonely or angry as life takes its course, and I’m only too aware that this is written all too clearly upon the fabric of my being…as someone once told me “The issue is in the tissue”. There are bad days…and there are good days…but always the story imprints upon the manuscript of the bodily book of life. It’s my mirror of truth. My body is the messenger of my heart.

How I’d love for this, my baton of story, to sparkle with light and integrity…it’s true essence. This is the legacy I wish to add to the evolutionary scaffold. This is my daily endeavour…to shine the light of grace as often as I can. It calls for forgiveness at every turn, for this epic journey of evolution is a story of forgiveness…of family.

With the deposit of DNA into it’s first cellular home, your ancestors entrust you with their story and challenge you to continue their great work by lifting it further into the light of truth…lift the patterns of familiarity into grace.

You carry their story in your cells, refining it, editing it, and publishing each new chapter in your own book of life. Bathe your ancestors in light…cleanse the old patterns that are stored in your cells…rewrite their story with strands of love.

It’s your story now. Let it shine.


  1. MargKinneen

    Rachel (06.10.2015): What a wonderful post. So timely too, as I have been playing with the idea of writing a book as my goal for 2016. Telling my story. Keep up the great work Marg!

    • MargKinneen

      Thanks Rachel. I wish you well in your story-telling adventure. I’m sure your story will sparkle off the pages.


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