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Your Body Is All In Your Mind

Written By MargKinneen

On March 2, 2014

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Body! Mind! Soul!

Let’s see if we can untangle this trio of mystery that has entered our realms of understanding.

And what of the Heart?

Yes, it too plays a starring role.

But, of course, there’s an unexpected twist!

Let’s start at the very beginning…I believe it’s a very good place to start. 

The Egg.

Pure. Simple. Inactive. Single Cell. The Princess in her Castle. Graceful. Open Heart, free of conditions. Eternally Youthful.

Warning bells. Signs of an approaching visitor. The Castle walls are impregnated and the incited Princess is captured by the lusting male presence in a newly formed contracted envelope of membrane called the cell nucleus. Their twin flames of passion ignite in a fiery exchange of chemistry, a co-ignition of life force. De-flowered, the princess is now sexually active. She’s come of AGE!!! 

But never fear, for this story unfolds under the ever watchful eye of the Queen of Hearts, the original pure cell or egg, as she candidly narrates from her pure castle which stands as a constant beacon of light…truth…integrity

Co-Ignition = Cognition = Thought

The cell nucleus is simply the contracted form of our pure heart, otherwise known as the mind…carrying the thoughts of mankind…the man kind…the will of man. It now carries the DNA contract, the dual roles of masculine and feminine, the family conditions containing the life sentence that is bestowed upon the cells of the bodily prison. As the will of man is impacted upon the beautiful princess, her duties shift to those of mother. The mind of man contains the thoughts that create the mortal child, conditioned to age.

Conditions = Con + Additions = With Additions

The once pure heart, open and free, is now a contracted enclosure containing additional instructions…the cellular memory. The cell is now operating from memory as it automatically constructs the physical body from chemical secretions, the family secrets within the enclosed cell…the skeletons in the closet. Our beautiful princess now sleeps behind the veil of mortality that has usurped our cells. 

Our ovum, the original individual cell, is our Pure Heart.

Once fertilised, its contracted heart, the cell nucleus, is our Mind.

Herein lay the twist, for our heart and mind both reside within our cells! Therefore our heart, mind and body are one within our cells.

The instructions for creating the mortal child are the thoughts within the cell nucleus, and therefore…

…your body is all in your mind!

It is the function of the cell nucleus to regulate gene expression…it dictates the rules, like a king over his kingdom, or the master over his house. In other words, the cell nucleus stores the script that the cells must follow religiously…their religious beliefs…the Holy Scriptures. It’s all politics and religion within the cell nucleus!

With a change of beliefs comes a change in gene expression and a change in body formation.

Gene Expression = Gene Oration = G Narration = Generation = Creation.  


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