Love is not an action!

 Love is who we are.

 We are Love.

 Our very structure is Love.

 The foundation of our being is Love.

 Love is our Matrix.

 It is the Home within which our essence  gathers in the creation of us.

It is the Magic Carpet upon which we imprint our design…

Matrix = Mater = Matter = Mother

Our body’s matrix is the medium within which our spirit develops…its supporting framework. Figuratively it is the welcoming nest created by the mother gently wrapping her arms around her child, providing encouragement and support. It is the safe space within which the child learns to freely express its creative uniqueness through innocent works of art that flow exclusively from its pure essence. The mother becomes a heartfelt gallery of childhood masterpieces, just as our matrix slowly develops into a showcase for the body of work that our spirit expresses. Our masterpieces are hung upon our body’s membranous matrix in a solo exhibition of our creative spirit. 

Our body is the Gallery of Love within which the artwork of our lustrous creative spirit hangs. This is our life’s work, a retrospective, reflecting our constant metamorphosis through the changing canvas of our physical matrix…the artist emerging from the shrouds of anonymity into a public display of masterful brilliance. 

Love = L’oeuvre = The Oeuvre = The Body Of Work

Love is our physical body radiant with our spiritual essence.

Our masterpieces… all our creative offerings be they thoughts, words or deeds… illustrate our true story that lay deep within, and thus provide lustre to the fibres of our being. When our pure creative spirit is in full flow, our fabric is radiant, just as the mother’s heart glows with the free expression of her child (youth). But when our spirits are low, unable to create in joy, the radiance of our fabric is dimmed in illustration of our dark masterpieces…our body of work expressing destruction rather than creation. 

And so…

When we give our love, we give of our body of work.

We freely exhibit our masterpieces and radiate our creative light for all to see.

Your creative essence is unique to you as it expresses through your physical body. This is your expression of love…your out pressing of love. The more you splash your essence upon the canvas of life, the more you exhibit your love…your body of work. Are you creating great masterpieces to hang in radiant illustration of your uniqueness within your personal gallery of love? Is your body of work expressing lustrous creations? If not, then you are missing the opportunity to express pure love…the deep bond of spirit and matter. Do you really want love in your life? Then express yourself joyfully. Be happy to be the body of love that you are.

All your unique creations are expressions of love. Cast them upon the world in whatever way supports you, for this brings liberation. There are no comparisons as we are each a unique expression of love…we are each a unique embodiment of spirit. We are each a radiant matrix of creativity. No two vehicles of Love are the same. So nurture your creative spirit, for it is yours alone, and send it fearlessly out into the world. And as a mother encourages her child, so too your matter encourages youth…as demonstrated through the radiance of your illustrious being.

Love is not an action!

Love is who we are.

Love is our Matrix…supporting all our creations.

Our loving Mother supports all of creation.