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Cinderella’s Secret…

Written By MargKinneen

On July 13, 2013

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What’s Cinderella’s Secret?

I love the story of Cinderella. In fact I love all fairytales. They touch the heart of the child that lay within all of us. But all fairytales protect secrets that were carefully woven into their fabric so they could travel safely through evolution until the time was right for their grand revelation. That time is now. Have you ever wondered why there are so many adult fairytale-themed movies and television series appearing on our screens? They are finally revealing their secrets!!! So let’s see what’s at the heart of Cinderella.

Cinderella…what a beautiful name. But this name hides a BIG SECRET!


The word little here implies that she is young. Cinderella is a young female who toils among the ashes.


We all know that the moral of the story is that the young heroine, who has suffered unjust oppression, rises into glory and lives happily ever after. This is simply an analogy for a much bigger and truly universal story that touches the core essence of each and every one of us. The analogy is two-fold, but ultimately merges into one universal truth.

Firstly, Cinderella represents the child within us all who has been oppressed through childhood conditioning.

Secondly, Cinderella represents youth which has been suppressed through the aging process.

 The Child/Youth is the heroine in the fairytale of Evolution.

As the old adage “Children should be seen and not heard” slowly recedes into antiquity, the child experiences increasing freedom. Round after round of childbirth is bringing the progressive resurrection of the beautiful creative child spirit within us all. The inner child is now celebrated like never before. Rarely do we see little children toiling in hard labour as was once the norm. Instead they dance and sing in free expression of their inner joy…like Cinderella at the ball. The innocent child no longer lives in trepidation from the anger of adult authority figures that instils in them a fiery furnace of outrage that they carry into their own adulthood as a grim reminder of a wounded childhood. The Child is truly rising from the ashes!

Youth…that ever-elusive fountain, assured to bring happiness! Evolution has also been kind to the aging process, with increasing longevity being the reward. Each new generation further re-kindles the spirit of the child…the youthful essence. The generations are getting younger!!! So what of the ‘ashes to ashes’ cycle of mortality? Yes…as Cinderella so beautifully demonstrates, the final resurrection will lead us out of the ashes of mortality and into the happily ever after of immortality. Youth is rising from the ashes! 

Cinderella Lives In Our Hearts

Beautiful Cinderella is the fairytale at the heart of each and every one of us…adult and child alike. Just like Cinderella, as we bestow kindness and gentility upon ourselves and others, even in the darkest of times, we tenderly hold the candle of inspiration that keeps the flames of hope alive. As we lovingly tend our dreams and believe with all our hearts in the power of grace, we heal the wounded child within. We mend the fabric of our being, and reinstate youth to its rightful throne.

Our evolutionary journey has brought us out of the dense vibrations that once adorned our barbaric ancestors, into the refined vibrations of love and light that accompany our renewed innocent spirits. We are resurrected from the toil of hard labour in our heavy human shell that bows to the power of external forces. Our reconnection to the Inner Power Source re-kindles the Cinderella within us all and fills us with grace…the proverbial glass slipper that is the essence of our being. This power of grace provides the foundation upon which we create the castle of our dreams – our body of radiant light through which we manifest all our Dreams Come True.

Cinderella’s pure heart provides the magnetic attraction that lures Prince Charming.

As we open our hearts to the pure innocence of our beautiful inner creative child spirit – our unlimited imagination – and trust in the power of good, our own inner Fairy Godmother waves her magic wand. True love’s gentle essence touches our heart, and youth, in it’s finest regalia, promises our…

Happily Ever After. 

Want to know more?

There is oh so much more secreted within the Cinderella story…follow this link to discover the REAL meaning behind Prince Charming, The Glass Slipper, The Ball, The Fairy Godmother and more.

And what of the fact that Cinderella is a young female? This hides the BIGGEST SECRET!!!


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