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Welcome to the most magical fairytale of them all…

where spirit meets science within the queendom of your physical body.

The Fairytale called Evolution is unfolding right before your beautiful eyes!

At the moment of conception, your story began…a seed planted in the garden of creation…a little light of inspiraton, as yet to be fleshed out into your real life fairytale.

Your little seed of possibility burst into arms and legs and organs as your twinkling radiance cheekily kissed the delicate fibres of your embryonic infancy.

Youth and joy reigned supreme within this loving cocoon of your Once Upon A Time, as it does in all good fairytales.

And so it is that the fairytale of Evolution begins within each and every one of you. But something happens to alter this blissful state, and usher in the evil villain that changes the course of your fairytale.

…to be continued…