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Oestre Egg: A Mother’s Gift To Evolution

by Marg Kinneen

A mother’s most precious gift to evolution is her beautiful open heart of creation, delightfully epitomised by her pure ovum or egg, which she offers to humanity as a safe vehicle for transformation through the evolutionary resurrection of the human spirit.

It’s never advisable to tamper with the wonders of a much loved story, but through fresh eyes hidden treasures emerge. As I explore the twist in the Easter story that casts the ovum in her role of oestre/easter egg, my hope is that you’ll see a bigger magic, both for humanity and for yourself, for you’re at the centre of this resurrection story. You’ll meet Ostara, the spring goddess, flirt with a new understanding of the christian Easter tradition, and even discover a neat little analogy about Humpty Dumpty. So let’s find out why the mother’s gift is truly magic.

The ovum is magnificent, for in her true design she’s immortal. She carries the essence of eternal youth…innocent and pure. Her fabric is bathed in pure light, giving her a radiant glow, as evidenced in the radiance of the pregnant mother. She’s a beautiful nest of unlimited possibilities, a garden of make believe, into which she invites your creative spirit.

This heart of creation is your first home…your once upon a time… the beginning of your own life fairytale. As you snuggle into her unconditionally loving arms, you know that her warm heart is your source of life, and that she’ll be your ever-present guiding light.

However, in all good fairytales there’s a necessary evil villain, who challenges the heroine to rise beyond her trials and tribulations and reconnect with her inner guiding light in order to achieve her goal of happiness. And so it is that your once-pure cell is impregnated with the evil villain of fear that’s inherent in your traditional family instructions…your mortal code…DNA. And thus a cloud of illusion settles over all your cells, as the mother’s guiding light is veiled.

As each human unit enters its mortal existence, the path of evolution unfolds exactly as planned, for your evolutionary purpose is tucked neatly into your life fairytale. As you valiantly overcome your fears, spread the wings of your creative spirit and rise beyond these conditioned familial patterns of belief, you push the boundaries of your imagination, cracking open the mother’s loving heart and setting free the light of creation.

And so, as she passes her little bundles of joy from generation to generation, the ovum transports the creative energy of life through a progressive baptism. She’s resurrecting mankind through a cellular cleansing, and leading you through your fearful mortal story towards a youthful and immortal happily ever after. This is her gift.

The Easter Story

It’s clear that the evolution occuring within your cells, corresponds to the resurrection that’s at the heart of the proverbial Easter story…the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29 New International Version Bible)

Jesus Christ, as the Lamb of God, represents the pure, innocent spirit of creation within the ovum, which dies after carrying the cross of family obligation (DNA). Mother Mary is indicative of the pure mother-of-all, the ovum, as she witnesses the death of her youth, time and time again, during the brief sojourns we call lifetimes. Her creative spirit, her imagination in full bloom, is eclipsed by the shadows of fear.

Fortunately, through the cyclical institution of childbirth…evolution’s unfolding plan…the mortal sin of this earthly world is diminishing. The Lamb of God is taking away the sin of the world. The spirit of creation (Jesus/youth) is expressing more fully through the physical body as each new generation opens to a higher vision. With increasing self-belief and gentle nurturing, you’re magnifying the radiance within your cellular hearts and returning to the loving cocoon of your pure ovum, the mother’s open heart, the source of all creation.

With unsurprising synchronicity, we find that the easter egg symbolises the empty tomb, after the resurrection of Jesus, being synonymous with the pure ovum after evolution’s return to youth. For the ovum is surely the cellular tomb within which the mortal theatre of life is staged, where the final curtain sees all impurities cleansed from this oestre tomb. So when next you’re blissfully enjoying your yummy easter eggs, give thanks to the sweet mother-love that sustains and nourishes you from deep within your cells.

Interestingly, the floral symbol of resurrection is the easter lily, otherwise known as the Belladonna Lily. Literally translating as beautiful lady pure and white, she emulates the beautiful feminine gift of the ovum, radiant with pure white light. As well as innocence, purity and beauty, the lily is symbolic of motherhood, the qualities of the feminine, and the moon.

Clearly the Easter story has a profoundly feminine inclination.


It’s the mother who’s being resurrected throughout evolution.

She’s offerred herself…matter…as the fabric upon which humanity must learn to love. As you infuse your cells with the feminine qualities of unconditional love, nurturing and sweet kindness, you fill them with light and liberate your body matter from it’s time-honoured burden called aging.

Subsequently, Mother Mary and Jesus are analogous to matter and youth…for youth is the byproduct of love.

You resurrect yourself through love.

Ostara, Goddess of Spring

In mythology, the egg is also the symbol for Ostara (Eostre), Goddess of Spring, who’s purported to be the namesake for the christian Easter festival. Ostara personifies resurrection, rebirth, fertility and personal renewal. She’s responsible for the bringing of Spring, which segues very nicely into her connection with oestrogen, beyond their similarity in name.

For oestrogen is also the bringer of Spring, through childbirth. It’s her duty to produce the ongoing life-death cycles of evolution, by inviting the sperm and its cargo into the egg in readiness for a loving transformation.

OESTROGEN = OESTRE + GEN = EASTER PRODUCER = The producer of the resurrection of youth = the producer of YOUTH.

Oestrogen makes possible the progressive baptism that’s cleansing the ovum and reinstating her eternally-pure spring of life within your body matter. For the ovum is indeed the well- spring of creation, the source of light, the font of all knowledge, and the proverbial fountain of youth. You begin your life within the fountain of youth. For you, this is the dawn of time.

In a happy coincidence we find that Ostara is also known as the Goddess of Dawn, the bringer of light and new beginnings. Her connection with the ovum and oestrogen continues as we find that time begins, for each new human unit, within the light-filled egg. This pure ovum, filled with light, is synonymous with the full moon, another of Ostara’s symbols.


At the dawn of time for each mortal child, the ovum’s essence of purity still reigns, as her creative spirit flows freely through the embryo…immune to dis-ease. Her influence creates the unlimited possibilities implicit within the embryonic stem-cells. But as the ancestral voices of desire, inherent in DNA, creep into the cellular story, her pure light wanes in a lunar withering. The loving whispers of the feminine recede into time as the ovum and her cellular offspring are subjected to dis-ease and aging…as they enter into the sleep of mortality.

Ostara, as the Goddess of Dawn, finds kinship with Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora as she’s otherwise known. In mythology, Aurora also bears the mantle Goddess of Dawn, as she heralds in the morning light. Ostara and Aurora blend their figurative crowns as their inherent beauty awakens us from our nightly, and our evolutionary, sleep.

The familiar image of Ostara cradling a rabbit, traditionally associated with fertility and desire, is akin to the receptive oestrogen cradling the fertilised egg…the mother’s pure heart bearing the wounds from the dart of desire, sperm…Cupid’s arrow embedded into the mother’s loving heart…in the name of romance.

It’s through romance that the institution of childbirth serves her evolutionary purpose…to awaken the beauty that sleeps within us all. As the ever-refining sparks of passion ignite a new once-upon-a-time within the ovum, Ostara works her springtime magic. She’s grateful for this opportunity to lift the narcotic veil of past chemical messages, and infuse the angelic blessings of her creative feminine essence.

Ostara stands gracefully as the beautiful maiden, every child-bearing mother, that’s contibuted to the great evolutionary cleansing. It’s through each and every one of you that we’re reversing the fall into mortality, and resurrecting back into love.

Humpty Dumpty

My work not only involves connecting spirit and science to reveal the truth about evolution, but also divulges the hidden messages that are tucked within fairytales, nursery rhymes and, in fact, all literary sources, which also tell of our evolution into love.

So as promised, I’d like to introduce you to a neat little analogy that places Humpty Dumpty within the Easter story. But instead of lengthy written explanations, I’m going to provide you with a link to a short 4 minute animated video called Oestre Egg: Reversing The Fall. After viewing the video, simply scroll down the page, and you’ll find my Easter gift to you…an introductory special offer on my new video-book version of my adult fairytale Cinderella & The Divine Feminine. There are so many secrets revealed within these pages.

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And so, through fresh eyes, the Easter twist blossoms into a tale of motherly love, as her gift to evolution becomes apparent in your beautiful, youthful and immortal body of light. Oestre eggs will never be the same…enjoy their little secret.

©Marg Kinneen 2017