The Sweetest Story Ever Told

a unique workshop for adults by
Marg Kinneen

Remember how you felt watching Cinderella as a child?

Wasn’t it magic?


That magic is still nestled within you.

That magic is your dream.

And it just wants you to believe in it. 

Cinderella whispers secret, life-changing, inspirational messages. 


And they’re about You!

Create some magic in your life.

Open your heart and release your own sweet essence.


Take back your power!

You are magnetic!

It’s time to attract your wildest dreams.


Discover the magic of your own life fairy tale.

Cinderella Workshop Details

Saturday Oct 21st, 3.30-6.30pm

Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre, Wembley

A Special Gift For You

Cinderella Video Book, filled with little treasures and magic from one of your fairy tale favourites.

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Let’s create magic

Cinderella Inspiration

* Spirit, Science & Fairytales…Fascinating!

* Dispel the Uglies…How lovely!

* So that’s who Prince Charming really is!

* My Fairy God Mother lives in my cells?

* Dreams come true…I’m magnetic!

* Yummy afternoon tea.

* Free video gift.

True Love’s First Kiss.

Happily Ever After.

They’re not fantasy!

Just truth disguised in fairytale.


And it’s your truth!

Discover the magic within…


Join the Cinderella workshop now

for only $99

Let’s create magic