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Did you know that your physical body is the vehicle of evolution?

It’s my mission, therefore, to demystify evolution so as to free you, and your body, from the past. I’ll throw in a little bit of magic as your favourite fairytale characters share their hidden secrets about evolution…and you!

By taking woo woo out of the clouds and the mystery out of science, I provide a new perspective on life, and answer the age-old question…Why am I here?

I’ll shine a new light on your powers of self-belief, debunk old paradigms about your family and DNA, and reveal the truth about your emotions and how to overcome them. With simple science (I love cartoons!) we’ll look at your transforming brain and obedient body…and also discover just how autism fits elegantly into the big evolutionary picture.

Create your own interesting mix of fairytales, spirit, science, autism and evolution, and I’ll conjure a unique experience that’s just for you. Please complete the contact form below, and I’ll happily get back to you.

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