The Truth Of The Heart


Part 3


Releasing The Skeletons From Your Closet

* Part 2 clarified the need for your temporary mortal existence and explained how your family fits into this long running evolutionary epic.

Part 3 is going to be an amazing ride…I can feel it in my bones!

* The skeleton steps into the spotlight of evolution and emerges from the shadow of death as humanity steps into the light of truth. You’ll release the skeletons from your closet as you overcome your emotional baggage and bring joy back into every fibre of your being.

* A refreshing new perspective of the Bible may surprise you, as it simultaneously relieves you of all fear and guilt. A deeper understanding of your life’s purpose will come to light, as will your connection to the proverbial phoenix. As reincarnation is demystified, you’ll see, with clarity, the beautiful big picture that’s awaiting your return. Your skeletons await!

Part 3 Videos