The Truth Of The Heart


Part 2


Understanding Your Mortality

* In Part 1 you unveiled some of the amazing mysteries that lay within your body, and started to demystify your spiritual and physical journey through evolution. As you open your eyes to your true magnificence, the veil of illusion is dissolving because you now understand your innate immortal design.

* Part 2 will clarify the need for your temporary mortal existence, and how your family fits into the big picture of this long running evolutionary epic. The romance and intrigue of mortality will help you open your heart to the unconditional motherly love that awaits within your own connective tissue. And by holding a higher vision for yourself, you’ll  nurture a beautiful new perception of the world, and literally improve your eyesight.

* You’ll require an open mind as you discover the true narcotic that keeps you in your sleepy mortal design, and its relationship to your innate Divine Feminine essence of creativity.

Let’s step uniquely into Mortality…