The Truth Of The Heart


Part 1


Understanding Your Immortality

* We’ll be going on a beautiful adventure together to explore and explode the ancient mysteries that lay within your amazing body. How wonderful to reveal the secrets of your spiritual and physical evolution, and bring your own body into the light of its true, youthful essence.

* The veil of illusion will be lifted as you gently wrap yourself in grace and open your eyes to the magnificence within. As we peel back the layers within symbolism and words to uncover their hidden subtext, we’ll discover an intimate connection between Spirit & Science that may surprise you.

* The unfolding of any mystery requires sequential steps. So in order to establish a firm foundation I’ll begin with simplicity.  Although the first steps of the video may seem basic, they’re essential to your further understanding. So I ask you to receive the basics with grace, as preparation for the mysteries that follow.

Part 1 Videos