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TOH = The Truth Of The Heart

Viewing Order


* View each VIDEO first.

* If you wish, keep the CONTENT at hand to follow the script or to highlight sections of interest. Or visit the Content at your leisure.

* Visit the TIPS & TOOLS after each video for specific practical applications.

* The GLOSSARY is a valuable guide to understanding new concepts or new perspectives on familiar concepts…keep it close by.





* All components are interchangeable, so you can revisit them at your leisure and view them through fresh eyes. And always remember to follow your heart, as it’s your most trusted guide, which will inspire you toward the most nourishing and supportive means for digesting this material.




* You may wish to gather with a trusted friend to view the videos, open your hearts in discussion and support each other through the Tips & Tools. What a beautiful connection this will foster as you shine your lights as one.

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