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Cinderella & The Divine Feminine

An adult fairytale.

Happily Ever After is closer than you think.

Once Upon A Time

in a tiny

there lived…

the gentle spirit of your



and your twinkling




This charming twist on the classic,

reveals some of the

hidden within fairytales.
…and within yourself…

Open your imagination

and discover

Happily Ever After

“I recently read Marg Kinneen’s book “Cinderella and the Divine Feminine”. This book holds a special place in that it is an adult fairy tale but it presents radically new concepts within the framework of the well-known Cinderella story in a beautiful light, accessible way. The bright, fresh watercolour illustrations and simply laid out text guide you through, but you are inspired to pause and think more carefully about the information ‘tale’ that is being presented. The regular ‘word magic’ deconstructions reveal that Marg has a talent for putting new meaning into phrases that we feel we know well. Like all good fairy tales there is drama featured here but there’s the overriding message of hope: for the evolution of us into humans who, in truly loving and accepting ourselves, are able to create the dreams of our own Happily Ever After. For me, by the end of this tale it creates the feeling that we have the means and wisdom within us to achieve that.” 

Heather Joy Leane

Sunbeam Books