YOU are the evil fairytale villain!

shutterstock_157107023YOU are the Wicked Witch, the Evil Queen, Maleficent and the Ugly Step Mother.

Yes indeedy!!! We all are.

They simply represent the fearful feminine that’s been dropped into the scary and controlling masculine story…called mankind.

She’s literally been dropped out of the high vibrational, loving feminine qualities to take on a persona of lower vibrational, fearful masculine qualities. The wounded feminine…is…the masculine. Or, the masculine is the wounded feminine.

The universe is actually all feminine. The Divine Feminine in her beautiful, shining attire, and the Wounded Feminine in her dark, masculine attire.

Now that changes things, doesn’t it?!


Happily Ever After is NOW!

shutterstock_30543763Are you waiting for Prince Charming to ride into your life on his white steed?

I do hope you’ve got a good book, ’cause it’s going to be a loooooooooong wait.

I remember so clearly the days when that was all I wanted. And the disappointment each time when that particular Prince Charming didn’t meet the fairytale expectations…again! But for some reason I still kept looking. He’s out there somewhere.

“Some day my Prince will come…”

Ring any bells?

Eventually I learned that the fairytale ending isn’t out there. It’s within me, where it’s been waiting all along.

In fact I’ve realised that the whole fairytale is within.


Ascension of the Divine Feminine

Depositphotos_15822311_mThe Divine Feminine has been dancing in the spotlight of evolution recently, and she’s beginning to outshine her compatriots. So lets step out of the wings and join her centre stage to discover exactly who she is and why she’s so influential.

As always, the words themselves have helped me to decipher this little curiosity, so these understandings will be coming straight from the horses mouth!

The beautiful essence of the Divine Feminine is, of course, that of unconditional love and kindness, therefore manifesting only beautiful feelings and experiences. So the ascension of the Divine Feminine is simply an increase in love and kindness, thus attracting an increase in loving and kind life experiences. So when you increase your own love and kindness, you not only feel spectacular, but your whole life changes accordingly.

That’s what happens when you ride the high vibes!


Have courage and be kind.


“Have courage and be kind”

These are the beautiful sentiments of the exquisite Cinderella, the latest Disney movie, which I’ve just delighted in seeing. I simply adore fairytales as you know!

And I’m going to share another fairytale secret with you today.

This little secret is about the Divine Feminine, which we’re told is ascending within us now. I’m sure you know that the feminine energies are those of unconditional love that come from the heart in the form of kindness. But did you know that the word courage also derives from the Latin word cor meaning heart?


Cinderella’s Ugly Step Family

CINDERELLA UGLIESUpon the death of her real mother and father, poor Cinderella lived with an ugly step mother and her two ugly daughters.

She was relegated to an old, dark attic and made to wait on them hand and foot.

She was in servitude to her ugly step family.

You might be surprised to find that we all have one of these! Yes, indeed.

So what is the real meaning of the ugly step family, and how does it relate to you?

Let’s take a peek inside the ugly family and see what we can find.


The Secret Science of Fairytales



Into The Woods!



Fairytales are everywhere these days!


Why? Because they’re magic…and they touch our hearts.

And…they also hold many secrets that they want us to know.

Amazing secrets!


Which I’ll be revealing in this blog. So stay tuned as I…

Open the True Heart of Fairytales!



Make Creativity Your Business

shutterstock_77894377-mediumIs your creativity sparkling?

Whether you don your suit and tie and drive to the office each morning, or stay snuggled in your p.j.’s as you open the laptop with coffee and toast in hand, this is your business…your daily pursuit of creativity. Are the sparks flying in the arena of your busy -ness?

Right now I’m busying myself writing this article whilst immersed in the buzzy ambience of the organic Samudra Cafe in the sleepy little town of Dunsborough, 3 hours south of Perth, Western Australia. My creative spirit loves the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that invites its creative juices to indulge in a flurry of sparky newness.

After feeling both physically and emotionally bogged down with my business endeavours that had kept me tethered to the weighty ball and chain of deadlines and bottom lines that were slowly snuffing out my creative spirit, I finally realised what I was doing wrong!

I was

creating a business…

instead of

busying myself with creativity.


The Issue Is In The Tissue

shutterstock_180739424Skin is universal.

It is the vessel within which we carry our identity…until we jump out of it that is!

“Beauty is skin deep.”

“I’ve had a skinful.”

“I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

Beauty. Anger. Confidence…

All carried in our skin!

I was recently approached by a friend who had been receiving insistent messages from her inner guide for me to explore the issues we hold onto in our skin. Now, I know that I’ve touched lightly on this subject in one of my previous posts “Rose: Sweet Nectar Of The Gods”. However, as my friend is a cellulite expert with a business that is reminiscent of every girl’s dream… CELLULITE FREE ME, and because of the insistence of her inner guidance, I felt compelled to explore further.

“The Issue Is In The Tissue” was the insistent message, and this little phrase has triggered an interesting stream of information about our connective tissue. So I’m going to dive into this again…at the deep end. (more…)