Magnetic 6th Sense

In January 2018, Enlightened Consciousness posted this article online…

‘Scientist says Humans have a Magnetic 6th Sense –
we can sense more than we see.’


Of course, this revelation is not new in the spiritual arena, which, historically speaking, doesn’t feature on the credibility radar of the scientifically inclined.

However, as we evolve progressively and open our eyes to higher information, it becomes increasingly evident that spirit and science are stepping boldly into the light as buddies that coexist. In fact, it’s my firm belief that spirit and science are saying exactly the same thing, albeit using different lingo.

With that understanding, and in the interest of equality, I’d like to propose that the scientists’ magnetic 6th sense, otherwise known as magnetoreception, is in fact the imagination.


When seen through the unified lens of spirit/science, the imagination is the magnetic force of attraction within humans. And yes, it does have a connection with what the spiritual world calls the Law Of Attraction, upon which I will elaborate later, showing its scientific counterpart. The imagination is, in fact, the most powerful force in the universe. Let’s explore.

Magnetoreception, the magnetic 6th sense, is simply an organisms ability to sense magnetic fields and receive the information they carry. Clearly these magnetic fields are operating on higher frequencies as they’re beyond the accessibility of our five human senses. Therefore, they must be beyond the visible light spectrum within which humanity exists.

By definition, the imagination is a faculty that produces new ideas, images, sensations and concepts that are also beyond our five human senses. The imagination too must exist beyond humanity’s visible light spectrum.


The magnetic field is the field of the imagination, which exists on higher frequencies.

By its very nature, the imagination must exist beyond our current reality, otherwise it would be…reality. With focussed attention (belief), the higher frequency waves of our imaginings collapse into particles of reality. Our belief is magnetic.

The imagination is a major player in evolution, which is inviting progressively higher light frequencies into our cells. As each new generation pushes the boundaries of belief and possibility, it opens to new and higher information. Evolution is planting a higher vision within the cells of humanity. A higher vision means increased power.


Humanity is expanding its collective imagination. Humanity is becoming more magnetic. Humanity is increasing its power.

The article suggests that magnetoreception may be the primal sense, therefore our original and finest/highest sense.

In order to address this premise, it’s necessary to understand that evolution has both a macrocosmic and microcosmic form. The macrocosm is the big picture of evolution as it’s transpired through the generations. The microcosm exists within each and every human being as they evolve throughout their individual life time. Therefore our primal sense also sits within the macrocosm and the microcosm. Our primal sense is the original and true sense of humanity as a collective, and it’s also the original and true sense that exists within each human being during their infant stage.

So let’s visit our original state of being…infancy…and see what it unfolds about our primal sense.

The predominant brainwave pattern of infants and children is Delta, which carries intuition, the imagination and regeneration. Immediately it’s evident that our primal brainwave patterns are those of the imagination, the magnetic 6th sense. Our primal sense is indeed magnetic.

Infants and children are magnetic…attractive…radiant bundles of joy and make believe. We can’t help but be attracted to their wondrous imaginings, their light-hearted chatter and sparkling eyes.

In infancy and childhood we’re still connected to the higher light frequencies in the universal field of unlimited possibilities. Our creative powers are fully magnetic, and we’re guided by this inner light of intuition…it is indeed our magnetic compass. Our original and finest sense, our magnetic 6th sense, is the Once Upon A Time of our own life fairytale.

Unfortunately, our delta brainwave patterns, and their inherent gifts, become suppressed during our childhood programming. But they’re still within us…hidden behind the external facade of acceptability called adulthood. Our magnetic 6th sense sits deep within us awaiting excavation.

It’s the small voice of intuition that’s trying to get our attention and guide us by our true feelings; it’s our dreams, visions and insights that lift our creative spirits into higher imaginings. All our creative endeavours are guided by, and infused with, magnetism.

Magnetism is indeed our primal sense. Interestingly, the word prime also means prince.



So our magnetic 6th sense is the Prince Charming within our real life fairytale, and within the fairytale of evolution. When our cells reunite with the highest magnetic essence, our matter marries Prince Charming. Our mother nature will have returned to her original, pure design…radiant with light…as we dance on the highest frequencies with intuition, imagination and regeneration. Our delta brainwave patterns will have been fully excavated from their dark recesses…our dreams come true.

Clearly, by opening our imaginations to higher beliefs and possibilities, we open our cells to receiving higher information from the field of unlimited possibilities, which has a magnetic nature.

This is the light that we radiate into the world. And because like attracts like in the energetic fields, we draw life experiences that match the radiant energy in our cells. Hence, the Law Of Attraction.


Our imagination is magic! It is the most powerful force in the universe, because it’s the force of creation. And it lives in our cells. Whatever we imagine, make-believe, visualise…we create.  And whatever we imagine, radiates into the electro magnetic field around us, and affects the world.

It’s the imagination, the magnetic 6th sense, that energetically connects all living things. This field of unlimited possibilites is progressively gathering us in its magnetic embrace. Each and every one of us contributes to this collective energetic quilt with the radiant threads of our imagination, make-believe and vision.

We do affect the global information field. In fact, we create it. The article explained how our changing emotions alter the electro magnetic field that’s emitted by our heart. Therefore, the emotions we store in our cells shape our energetic environment. And it’s our beliefs, the story we imagine to be true, that determines our emotions. This provides us with the opportunity to consciously evolve humanity by holding a higher vision for ourselves…by lifting our creative spirits into higher imaginings…by choosing to create a real-life fairytale where happiness fills our cells. 

And so the evolutionary fairytale of mother earth will see her magnetic fields radiating with the higher information of happy vibes, as she wears radiant threads of her renewed physical beauty. Sleeping Beauty awakens.

We are, in fact, writing the fairytale of evolution, which is transpiring within the magnetic 6th sense of our imaginations.

Practice happiness…and change the planet.




Yes, human beings can sense magnetic fields and receive the information they carry. So continue to push the boundries of your imagination and create your own happily ever after.

The magnetic 6th sense is the imagination.

Celestial Revelation

A fresh perspective!

…through a big picture lens. 

Interest in the forthcoming celestial alignment on September 23rd 2017 centres around this biblical passage from Revelation.

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 

And she being with child, cried trevailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

(Revelations 12: 1-2 King James Version)

Whats out there (in the environment) is a reflection of what’s within. So, in looking at the deeper meaning of the celestial alignment in relation to the Revelations prophecy, I see…EVOLUTION.

[masculine = fire, sun, leo]

Evolution is leading Mother Nature, the feminine, through a cyclical process of purification, in which she’s discarding veil after veil of illusive dis-ease, and returning home to her pure, radiant design…youth.


Masculine = mask -al -ine = pertaining to the mask = the illusion

Both masculine and feminine energies are resident within each and every human unit…male and female alike. So with the progressive evolution of belief and behaviour patterns, we’re all cradling increased vibes of love and kindness within our cells, thus refining their precious cargo. The nurturing feminine is cuddling and dissolving the fearful masculine. The mask of fear is being lifted in a revelation of love.

In light of this, let’s decypher the Revelation, or Dream Come True, of the fairytale called Evolution that’s written in the stars.


Your Magnetic Heart

shutterstock_78700108-mediumYou’re protected by a field of light that’s generated within your heart.



How is this so?


Because the universe is like a set of Russian dolls… microcosms within macrocosms…
the workings of the macro echoing the workings of the micro.

This phenomenon occurs throughout nature.


Mother earth is the macrocosm within which you are nested, and science tells us that…


Earth is protected by a magnetic field that’s generated within her core.


Here’s the analogy…


You are the mini-me Earth, and your magnetic field is a field of light, which you create from within your own heart…the core of every cell.


Close your eyes and feel the light within each and every cell of your body…feel it’s magnetic power…that’s your power. And the more you call on it, the more your body is protected.



Absolutely. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to explain exactly how this works within your body… I’ll be revealing the secrets within words that bring crystal clarity to this powerful understanding… so you can increase your magnetic allure… and become the most attractive version of yourself. You won’t be able to stop saying…


“I’m so attractive!”

…as loving people and experiences are drawn to you like moths to a flame.


This week I’ll begin with the word Magnetic, for it holds some delightful surprises and invites you into a whole new world of possibilities…




What’s your story?

It’s said that everyone has a book in them. So what does yours look like? Not sure? Just look in the mirror…and there it is…your book of life flung open…your story etched indelibly into each delicately hewn crease, each time-honoured fold… the careful strokes that slipped from the paintbrushof life to capture you to perfection.

Your body is your book of life. And that makes you the author.




YOU are amazing and unique!

Of that there is no doubt…in my mind anyway.

However, I’ve been struggling with my own uniqueness, and the value of my work. Is it good enough? Do I really have a message that’s worth telling? Why am I here?

Then it suddenly dawned on me! All this fear and doubt is my individual persona, my small self, that separates me from others. And the only time I feel fear is when I feel separate.

That’s when I opened my big eyes…and allowed the loving hug of unity to embrace me. Everything changed!

Yes, your uniqueness is your creative gift to the world.

It’s your magical essence that tells the world you’re here.

It’s your beautiful spirit sparkling with the joie de vivre.

It sets you apart in its delicious presence.

But unique also has a bigger picture…that holds your magnetic power.





FAIRY comes from the Latin word meaning fate, which comes from the Latin word meaning to speak.

FATE is the power that rules your destiny, coming in the form of a PREDICTION = PRE  DICTION.

So FATE is that which is SPOKEN BEFORE the event occurs.

You create your fate with your own words! What story are you telling yourself about you, for that story is your fate.

MAGIC = IMAGE -ic = vision or dream. The magic of fairies is their ability to speak dreams into reality.

ELLA speaks beautiful dreams into reality, for she is a beautiful fairy, as her name implies.  

But what happens to Ella’s beautiful dreams that turns her into Cinderella?


A Magical Perspective


“She saw the world not always as it was, but as perhaps it could be with just a little bit of magic.” (Narrator, Cinderella the movie)

And where did that magic come from?

From within herself, of course.

Cinderella always sprinkled magic onto everything and everyone.

So how can you find that same magic within yourself?


The Hidden Princesses

shutterstock_211050499The beautiful fairytale princess, who you love so dearly, dwells figuratively within your own heart.

She’s your pure essence of unconditional love that awaits revelation.

She’s your dreaming spirit that yearns for release from her evolutionary prison within your dark cells.

She’s creativity riding the wings of your full and free imagination.

She’s the sweet magnetic power of your free and open heart. Truth.

She’s simply in hiding…in the attic, in the woods, in the cottage…

But who is she really?