My Dream…



For many years I’ve been searching for happiness,
a release from the struggles of my life.

Magically, during the process, I discovered my gift for words.

They opened their hearts to me,
and spilled forth a treasure trove of hidden truth.

This info is within each one of us.
It speaks of our true design and purpose.

And it’s beautiful!

I’d like to share it with you.

I’m here to tell the truth

Fairytales. The Bible. Genetics. Evolution.

My Mission!

to liberate your…

 Creative Spirit


Fountain Of Youth

I’m here to deliver your

Eternal Youth

Wrapped in a beautiful package of


and tied with the ribbon of your


My Story

Photography by KK creATIvE

I’ve always loved

Fairytales & Make Believe

I fondly remember the day I saw Camelot with my father…

Pure Magic!

Children’s Movies…

are my healing balm

The spirit of the child has always been close to my heart.

My personal life struggle centred around excavating my own wounded

spirit so as to freely express my unique creative essence…

my truth

This mix of

truth & fairytales 

 guided me to my life purpose.

 As I opened my stretchy

imagination, I was gifted with the

hidden messages that lay within 


All literary works transformed before my very eyes…


The Bible

Nursery Rhymes

We all have our unique

receptive antenna.

Mine just happens to be…



reveal secrets about

fairytales and genetics.

 As you resurrect your creative child spirit,

you reinstate purity and integrity

within your genetic makeup. 

And so here I am expressing my unique essence…

There’s a lot of magic within the pages of my website, so feel free to wander & muse &

Make Believe!

And if you wish to uncover some amazing secrets join me in my

Fascinating Book

Consciously evolve beyond dis-ease, aging & death.



Evolve Consciously

Create Happily Ever After...Now!

Would you like to know the secrets?

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