Autism is a higher ability…not a disability.


“However, mediocrity cannot embrace a vision that hails genius as the norm, for that would put an end to itself. And so those enlightened souls who fall into the genius category of unique creatives are mistakenly proclaimed, by the blind majority, to be misguided or disabled. There must be something wrong with them if they don’t fit the paradigm of mediocrity. Autism being a case in point.

So the deafness of the world is only selective in so far as mediocrity has a limited choice of what it’s capable of believing. But the walls are closing in on the tight little box of mediocrity, which is slowly but surely shrinking in the evolutionary progression into genius.

We are indeed climbing out of mediocrity toward enlightenment. For evolution is simply a stroll through time that’s leading us out of the shadows of ignorance, and down the path of change, into the glorious light of a new understanding.”

“Do you really believe that our incredibly magnificent universe is leading us into an abyss of disability?
I doubt it.”