From Passion To Truth

What’s your passion?

What do you want to do so much that it aches for you to think about it?

I know only too well that my own passion for words has brought with it a whole lot of aching, tears and fears. How can something that you love soooooo fervently bring so much pain and anguish? I’ve asked myself this question so many times.


The word PASSION itself means SUFFER!!!


How is this so? I simply couldn’t understand this. If our passion is

something we so dearly love, why do we have to suffer?


And then a little gem from a fellow creator brought the flash of light that finally revealed the answer. This lovely lady had quoted Joe Vitale who, when asked “How do you find your passion?”, replied oh so
brilliantly, “Look at what you’re afraid to do.”


OMG! The lights went on!!!