Make Creativity Your Business

shutterstock_77894377-mediumIs your creativity sparkling?

Whether you don your suit and tie and drive to the office each morning, or stay snuggled in your p.j.’s as you open the laptop with coffee and toast in hand, this is your business…your daily pursuit of creativity. Are the sparks flying in the arena of your busy -ness?

Right now I’m busying myself writing this article whilst immersed in the buzzy ambience of the organic Samudra Cafe in the sleepy little town of Dunsborough, 3 hours south of Perth, Western Australia. My creative spirit loves the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that invites its creative juices to indulge in a flurry of sparky newness.

After feeling both physically and emotionally bogged down with my business endeavours that had kept me tethered to the weighty ball and chain of deadlines and bottom lines that were slowly snuffing out my creative spirit, I finally realised what I was doing wrong!

I was

creating a business…

instead of

busying myself with creativity.