The Issue Is In The Tissue

shutterstock_180739424Skin is universal.

It is the vessel within which we carry our identity…until we jump out of it that is!

“Beauty is skin deep.”

“I’ve had a skinful.”

“I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

Beauty. Anger. Confidence…

All carried in our skin!

I was recently approached by a friend who had been receiving insistent messages from her inner guide for me to explore the issues we hold onto in our skin. Now, I know that I’ve touched lightly on this subject in one of my previous posts “Rose: Sweet Nectar Of The Gods”. However, as my friend is a cellulite expert with a business that is reminiscent of every girl’s dream… CELLULITE FREE ME, and because of the insistence of her inner guidance, I felt compelled to explore further.

“The Issue Is In The Tissue” was the insistent message, and this little phrase has triggered an interesting stream of information about our connective tissue. So I’m going to dive into this again…at the deep end. (more…)