Life Is A Quilt of Magical Threads


Children’s books have a magnetic attraction I find hard to resist. As I picked up my latest little treasure and thumbed through its pages, it stole my heart. Reality lost its appeal as I was transported into a world that delights me beyond measure…the world of make believe, the lost world of childhood imaginings. Such a feast for the heart of the child that lives within me. She knew we were going on a colourful journey of endless possibility.

“The Quilt Makers Gift” is so rich in glorious illustration with a simple but beautiful storyline. However, the message that is secretly woven into its fabric holds a far greater magical allure, as is always the case with children’s stories. For it’s the child within us that knows the truth, and is indeed our guiding light. Children don’t hear a moral or lesson within these children’s stories, they simply connect with the inherent truth that already lights their inner spirit. They already shine this light of truth. And oh how they delight in the opportunity to playfully connect with the inner child spirit of the adult storyteller, a connection of light that is unfortunately reserved for storytime.¬†And our own inner child spirit simply leaps with joy at this invitation to slip from beneath the cover of adulthood and play.