The Sweetest Story Ever Told

a unique workshop by

Marg Kinneen

Remember how you felt watching Cinderella as a child?

Wasn’t it magic?

There are secret inspirational messages tucked neatly within this beautiful fairytale.

And they’re about You!

Would you like a little more magic in your life?

Would you like to open your heart and release your own sweet essence?

Then join me as we journey deep into the heart of Cinderella,

and release all her wondrous treasures.

Discover the magic of your own life fairy tale.

It’s time to liberate the sweet essence of your Divine Feminine

from within the rosy garden of your heart.

She’s waking from her evolutionary slumber of beautification.

Your love is setting her free.

Join me as I lift the veil of mystery and reveal your true mission of love.

Cinderella Workshop Details

Saturday July 29th 2.30-5.30pm

Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre, Wembley

A Special Gift For You

Cinderella Video Book, filled with little treasures and magic from one of your favourite fairy tales.

Join the Cinderella workshop now

for only $99

Let’s create magic

Workshop opportunities

* Inspired presentation by Marg Kinneen.
* Q & A…ask your most intriguing questions.
* ‘Cinderella & The Divine Feminine’ reading.
* Mingle with kindred spirits.
* Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea.
* Receive your workshop video gift.


Not only will you be among the first to learn of the secret
connection between Cinderella and Rose Essence,
and how this affects your own sweet body,
but you’ll also have access to a beautiful array of essential oils,
which operate on a cellular level to liberate your sweet inner Cinderella.

Join the Cinderella workshop now

for only $99

Let’s create magic