An Evolution Into Love

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“A fascinating study of the mind, body and soul,

from the cellular to the psychic.

Marg is a gifted writer who sees hidden meanings in everyday words.”


Lindsay Blue

Musician & Teacher


is simply opening your mind to strange new possibilities and

dreaming bigger dreams.

Expand your Mind & Open your Heart

“Your heart and mind are inextricably linked. In fact, heart and mind are analogous to spirit and science. Where once there was a wide gulf between them, there now exists an intimate relationship of renewed understanding that hails from a vibrational perspective.”

It’s About Time

“So many incredible insights in this book and I’m barely a quarter through. So inspiring.”

Libby Williams

 “(Marg) has drawn together seemingly divergent thoughts

and ideas from her study of language,

Christian theology and mysticism, and scientific discoveries. 


From these she has woven a credible thesis of the human condition

as being an evolution into a possibility of transcendence

beyond our present self-imposed limitations.”


Dr Hira Singh

Integrative Medical Practitioner

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“Such amazing information and insights…blows me away.

You should be proud of yourself for bringing us this incredible information about our human evolution.

No small task I might add.”




Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy

It’s About Time!

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